Millennials are a self-service, tech-savvy generation influenced by the ever-growing sway of social media, instant gratification, and quick access.

Millennials, categorized as anyone born between 1982-2003, represent the largest consumer market for annual revenue growth. It’s for this reason that the “wow me,” factor is vital.

Luckily, once you learn the tricks to winning over your Millennial market, their brand-loyalty is long-lasting.

With this young population drifting away from traditional call centers, and gravitating towards computer-based interactions, how does the art of good old fashioned customer service fit in?

Social Media

Accessibility and convenience is king when connecting with Millennials. Therefore, bringing customer service to the client via their social media channels creates a medium in which your company can connect, monitor, and influence the customer to praise and promote your brand.

When it comes to social media, word of mouth spreads quickly. It is for this reason that a positive or negative customer experience via Twitter, Facebook, Live Chat and Instagram is more critical than ever.

Social networks aren’t limited to a 9-5 schedule, either. Keep your costumers happy and loyal by always being present where they are. If your company isn’t proactive about contacting costumes and answering their questions quickly through social media channels, chances are you have already lost clients.


Millennials use their cell phones for everything but talking. The Millennial population picks up their cell phone to speak to elderly grandparents, or when the delivery guy calls with a pizza. That’s about it.

Millennials want on-demand service. If they have a question, the answer is at their fingertips.

They don’t want to be put on hold, or go through fifteen different prompts to find the employee who can help them best.

Win the game by getting to the customer before they come to you.

Create Online Self-Help Solutions

Your website must be at the forefront of the customer experience for Millennials. This generation embraces the idea of self-service, rather than waiting for a call or email from a customer service representative.

FAQ sections, troubleshooting guides, or a community forum in which other customers can ask and answer questions, helps create the experience Millennials want.

Keep your Millennial consumers connected by cutting the cord with antiquated customer service call center methods.