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1. Top 3 Reasons Social Media Needs Real-Time Analytics by Jen Cohen, @jenz036

Social media has met its match with real-time analytics; allowing users to instantly view and track our online presence. Tracking in real-time can give marketers a leg up on the competition, giving them instant answers to two major questions: “What’s happening?” and “What does it mean?” Learn why social media and real-time analytics get along so well.

2. Midsize Companies: Innovation Through Cloud Computing and Analytics by Michael Brenner (@brennermichael)

Midsize businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, with 40% of the U.S. GDP’s revenue. These companies, employing more people than the entire S&P 500, are hoping to grow through innovation. Read about how Automation, Business Data and Analytics, and Cloud Computing are three ways the executives of these midsize businesses are using to achieve their goals.

3. 9 Top Twitter Tips You Should Start Using Today! by Michael Brenner

Minding your manners counts on Twitter too! Read about 9 effective Twitter tips you should start using to successfully manage your online presence.

4. Is Data More Secure in the Cloud? by Michael Brenner

The most common myth about switching to Cloud is that data security lacks in comparison to On Premise solutions. However, this serious concern is forcing data security in the Cloud to be held to a higher standard than that of On Premise. Read about data security and watch a brief video on how your company should safely travel to the Cloud.

5. Business Intelligence for All: the Self Service Revolution by Michael Brenner

BI used to be reserved for the upper echelons of management, but now this information must be at the hands of the everyday decision makers who require timely and accurate information. This article summarizes a Forrester paper, “Self Service: An Essential Capability of BI”, discussing the usage requirements, patterns, and challenges office workers face and provides BI tools suggestions for businesses to use.

6. Measure of an Innovator: The Innovator’s Index by Vishal Sikka, @vsikka

Companies, no matter the size, each have the potential to bring great, even game changing, products to the markets through innovation. However, these same companies tend to get worse as they mature and grow bigger. This post from SAP’s CTO Vishal Sikka talks about the Design Thinking and his Innovator’s Index help companies continue to produce quality products.

7. Beer, iPad, or Flexibility: Which Incentives Work? by Heather McIlvaine

Engaged employees are significantly more productive, and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. In a survey by McKinsey, results showed that companies with excellent talent management achieved shareholder returns that were 22% points better than average. Qualified IT personnel are hard to come by, read how some companies are attracting these top talents and how some companies keep them.

8. How Secure Are Your Mobile Devices? by Norman Marks, @normanmarks

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are evolving into a commonplace strategy companies are employing. With this growing use of personal devices, security is at the top of the list of BYOD cons. This post gives a brief overview of some of the statistics reported in 2012 State of Mobility Security report by Information Week.

9. HR Needs to be Part of the Move to the Cloud, by Michael Brenner

If your business is planning on moving to the cloud, ensure your HR counterparts are on-board. In a recent report by Deloitte shows that despite the benefit from switching to the cloud, these migrations can be organizationally disruptive. Read how HR organizations can champion the cloud transition for your business.

10. The Future of TV by Mukesh Gupta

Between the internet and smart devices a simple evening in front of the television may no longer be the same. Content and the way it is consumed are starting to drastically shift. Read about the future of TV through the eyes of experts, as well as to a normal consumer.