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Big Data Analysis: What Every CIO Should Know [eBook]

By Elizabeth Gaines, @eagaines

Every CIO should be aware of these five major tech trends and how to get started with their big data. Read this post to learn about the trends and your first steps, but also why 70% of IT professionals recognize that big data means big opportunity for their business growth.

How C-Lecel Execs are Tapping into Big Data Analytics

By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

McKinsey & Company surveyed 1,469 C-Level executives about digital business trends. Whta they found was big data and analytics were at the forefront of their company’s strategic agendas, with ahalf the participants reporting these were also a top-ten corporate priority. Read about why these two new technologies are so important and some roadblocks C-level execs are facing.

Data: The Most Precious Commodity

By Irfan Khan

The worth of data has most recently been compared to the calue of commodities like that of oil and gold. These may be our most expensive commodities, but data, in Irfan Khan’s view, has more complexity (and significance) than either of these things.

Are You Maximizing The Benefits From Your Business Intelligence Program?

By Deepa Sankar, @deesank

High performance companies are 50% more likely to use analytic information strategically; but, is your company part of the 27% who do it better than everybody else? In this post, take a brief BI strategy self-assessment questionnaire to see how your line of business can benefit, and check out the informative info-graphic justifying the benefits that a BI and analytics strategy can bring.

Making Consumer IT Work for Your Organzation

By Michael Brenner

BYOD continues to grow with more and more employees using their personal devices for work related tasks. Read Michael’s review of Accenture’s recent survey identifying organizational benefits, consumer IT approaches, and steps for managed adoption.

Big Data: Revamping Business as We Know It [Report]

By Michael Brenner

Volume (2.5 quintillion bytes per day, to be exact), velocity (decisions made quickly), variety (there’s all types) – the three V’s used to describe the growing Big Data phenomnenon. Read this post about the power in the data and a few suggestions on how you can leverage, transform, and innovate all at a fast pace.

The Cloud is Here with Plenty of Growth Coming [Slides]

By Lindsey LaManna, @LindseyLaManna

Cloud computing technology is no longer an idea from the IT department; it can have a significant impact on your business once deployed. In a recent study released by SAP, almost 60% of companies who participated are already in the cloud, and 70% of those people reporting having high satisfaction with cloud solutions. Read other highlights from the SAP report, like why cloud, a side-by-side comparison of the barriers, concerns, and benefits, as well as key takeaways.

Going Mobile: Don’t Leave Your Company at a Standstill

By Dror Orbach, @drororbach

Mobility offers freedom, anywhere accessibility, and total wireless portability. Read Dror’s post about why it’s no long about “if” your business will use mobile, but when and how.

Three Things You Should Expect from Cloud Technology

By Michael Brenner

If your company is looking to implement the cloud, there are three things it should expect according to Deloitte Consulting’s Chief Technology Officer Mark White. In this post, read White’s response to other important cloud questions, and his advice for CIO’s.

Ten Things We Fear (And Love) About BYOD [Infographic]

By Eric Lai, @ericylai

As it goes with so many stories, there are two sides to the truth. Same thing for BYOD – where there is a positive, there is a negative. In this post, Eric Lai discusses the super growth of using your personal device for work, and supplies an info-graphic displaying the top five positive comments compared to the top five negative comments concerning BYOD.