grow53% of Americans consider starting their own businesses, but many give up shortly after they begin. We all know that starting a business takes guts, but what it does it take to keep a business going? After running several of my own companies, I put together four tips from my own experiences—not only on launching a business, but on making it last.

1. It’s Time to Re-think Rejection

“As a business owner, you are going to face a lot of rejection. We are trained to feel like hearing the word ‘no’ is a bad thing, but you have to start seeing it differently. ‘No’ is useful—it gives you a chance to re-evaluate your approach.”

2. Make Work Fun For Everyone at Your Company

Productivity comes from being engaged and having fun, not from feeling like you are slaving over a tedious report. Find ways to make the workplace enjoyable and the work exciting. Everyone from the receptionist to the VP should be able to find joy in coming to work everyday. One way to do this is to implement company-wide software and strategies that embrace gamification. For example, we designed game-like Pipleiner Sales CRM software to make sales fun, turning a typically tedious work-related task into a colorful, visual, engaging experience.”

3. Fear is Contagious

“When you are afraid that what you are presenting, selling, or creating is going not going to succeed, everyone else knows it. Confidence goes a long way when you are trying to sell something, even if it is an idea. We all have doubts and hesitations, but it is time to leave them behind. You have nothing to gain from fear.”

4. Success is Measured in Relationships, Not Numbers

“The most valuable thing you can achieve in business is the growth of client and colleague relationships. For the most part, these relationships are not quantifiable and are never ‘done.’ Relationships are long-term investments that take periodic monitoring and energy, but they are worth every moment you spend on them.”

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