growth hackerAs more and more marketing teams recognize the value that growth hackers can bring to business, we thought it would be timely to reveal some tips that our own resident growth hackers consider must-dos when it comes to using nontraditional approaches—programming, data, technology, etc.—to grow business. Here are three simple growth hacks that you should be using for your marketing.

Cool Tools

Using tools like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Google Universal Analytics to get better conversions on landing pages is a must. Using heat maps on landing pages enable you to see where visitors are clicking, where they’re not clicking, if they’re scrolling down the page, etc. It’s all about gathering data in order to optimize for a better user experience, and with tools like KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, you’re able to obtain that data easily. A/B tests are no longer random adjustments: they’re purposeful tweaks using meaningful data.

Call Tracking

This is a hack hidden in plain view. Data is one of the choice bits of fodder for growth hackers, and call tracking provides it. The whole idea of growth hacking is “do more with less,” getting to the same endpoint with fewer resources. With call tracking, you get data that indicates which marketing efforts are working, enabling you to cut out initiatives that aren’t. A call tracking number on all your resources—online and offline—is like a compass, guiding you with data as calls come in.

CRM Integration

If you can attribute leads to their different sources, you can watch them all the way from lead, to opportunity, to account, to revenue. Integrating with your CRM means having your marketing analytics side by side with your customer information. One way to hack growth using an integration like this is to use the technology to ensure you never miss a lead. If a call from a lead goes unanswered, you should have an integration that creates a new lead record with an open case that ensures follow-up. Using technology in a way that works for your growth is just one of the many ways growth hacking can be used in your organization.

According to many who believe in the ongoing prominence of growth hackers, marketing as it is historically known is dead. It’s a new era, and that means it’s time to employ a new era’s tricks if you want to see growth. Try these three and read this white paper on using voice-based marketing automation to grow your business.