workplace stress

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you’ve decided to look beyond

the imperfections.


Wouldn’t it be great to go to some idyllic state of the art office space, or even to the beach where you could get all of the work that is important to you done, at your own pace? Well, that is not reality for most people. Most people enjoy parts of their work, enough to make it a joy to do. But, if you are finding that you are beginning to dread getting out of bed every day to go to work, perhaps your work environment is too stressful? Many people find that it is not so much the actual job that causes them to feel stressed out, but the people and the surroundings. You may find that the some of the people you work with are tough to deal with, or that the setup of your work space is simply not conducive to getting your things done efficiently.

Dealing with a stressful work environment is something many of us have to face every day, but most of the time, you can do something about it. It requires learning how to deal with your stress best at work so that you will be able to boost your energy and reduce your overall frustration.

Tips for dealing with a stressful work environments

1. Create a space conducive to concentration.

If your office is open-concept, you may find the hustle and bustle of people moving about you is too distracting. If this is the case, try setting up your work space so that everything you need is right in front of you so that you don’t constantly have to leave tour desk to grab stuff. Also, try putting up a privacy screen (if allowed), or rearrange your furniture and/ or computer screen to create a barrier of sorts between you and the rest of the office.

2. Positive imagery.

Use positive imagery when you feel stress starting to mount.Focus on a happy or peaceful moment from your past, or try keeping a picture on your desktop that will help to put you at ease. Many people find that they can control stress by allowing themselves to go to a peaceful place for just a few moments.

3. Create a daily to-do list.

Often, when we are feeling stressed out, it is because we are trying to juggle way too many things without saying no periodically. This can cause your stress levels to rise quickly and uncontrollably. When you create a to-do list, it will matter a great deal less how hectic the office gets or how many people are slacking off. You will have a list in front of you that will help keep you focused and remind you what needs to get done for that day. This will help you feel more in control when you organize your day, plus you will also be able to find some peace in the surrounding chaos.

4. Meditate.

Learn how to meditate. Meditation is a form of deep concentration that can help you restore peace and balance to your mind and in your life. You can make prayer or meditation a part of your every day life so that when you begin to notice your stress levels rising, you can regain your composure almost effortlessly. As you practice your meditation and prayer techniques, you will eventually be able to tap into them without anyone even noticing. And you will help to bring calm and more focused energy to the office.

5. Change jobs.

Consider moving around within the company or find a better fit somewhere else. Many people simply cannot get out of or overcome the stressful environment in which they work. Not to mention, it is a health hazard to work in a situation where you always feel on edge! If you have a job that is too demanding or rarely allows for you to tend to your personal life, then it may be time to make some difficult decisions and look for a better fit. Getting a new job can be stressful in and of itself. But when you find something that is right for you, you will see how the old way of stressful living will melt away and you will be left with a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life.

Workplace stress is at an all-time high! However, in many cases, you can find ways to overcome this stress by applying some of the workplace stress tips mentioned above. If the work environment becomes too stressful and toxic to deal with, you will want to take some kind of action. After all, you must remember to put yourself first if prolonged and unmanaged stress begins to become destructive to your body and mind.


Photo Credit: slworking2 via Compfight cc