Business Moms

Business moms are faced with the problem of juggling work and family at the same time. Sometimes, they can be very busy that they tend to let someone else take care of the kids. This is not bad, but if you let work impede your relationship with your kids, then you will have to face the consequence of lack of relationship with them. This can be solved simply by exercising some management techniques that will help you not miss the most precious moments with your family while being effective in running your business, as well.

Don’t Try To Do It All

You have to recognize that you are just a person. A common mistake with some people is that they are perfectionist and to do all the work in running the business. You need to learn the power of delegation. Your employees are not mere people set out to grace your office. You have to learn to recognize their skills and delegate some of the work instead of bringing it upon yourself to do all the tasks. Isn’t it that you hired these people because somehow, you were impressed with their interview and their resume? Then learn to trust that they are more than capable of doing specific tasks according to their skills and talents. This will free you of time spent on rechecking all of their work.

Stick to Business Hours

Do not try to do more work during the course of the day. Loosen up a little. Time spent on work should be limited according to the business hours. While you may be tempted to open your email and answer queries from customers, you can still do this at the office because your business phone service will allow callers to leave messages. It would help if you have a separate phone for family use and another number for business purposes only. When you are home, turn off your business phone because this time should only be spent with your family or for resting.

Plan Ahead of Time

This can be boring because it may not offer the excitement of spontaneity but if you are running a business while taking care of a family, it helps that you follow a schedule. This will save you time because a plan will help you organize what needs to be done during a certain day. This will also help you remember to perform important tasks in the business while making sure that you do not forget an important family day such as the birthday of your precious child.

Learn About Group Activities

If errands can be done simultaneously, then do so. For example, you need to deliver something in a location but you have to drop your child at the school. Instead of doing these in different occasions, then you can save time by doing one first then doing the second next in a single drive. When it comes to paperwork, instead of checking just one then doing the same on the next day, then you can accumulate this and do everything in one sitting.

Pick Things Up You Go

A cluttered office space or home can make you inefficient. This could easily distract you from doing necessary tasks. Instead of postponing for tomorrow picking up the stapler sitting on the floor, do it today before the clutter builds up. Cleaning an overly dirty space will only take so much of your time when this could have been avoided if you made it a daily habit to get your things organized. Looking into the pile of papers scattered on your desk takes up your time when you could have just pulled up the necessary file if these were arranged in an orderly manner.