Knowing how to stay productive is key to leading a balanced and successful life. In our daily lives, we constantly face tons of responsibilities and to-do’s, and by nature we associate production with doing as many things as possible. And doing as many things as possible requires multitasking, or so we believe…

Well a study at the British Institute of Psychiatry has shown that just checking your email while performing another creative task can lower your IQ by ten points. To put that in perspective, consider this: that’s equivalent to staying up 36 hours straight with no sleep!

But checking email throughout the day has almost become second nature in our busy lives. It’s actually pretty benign compared to some of the other tasks we try to simultaneously juggle. Between our cell phones, social media and other services we’re using, the steady stream of notifications and alerts can become super distracting.

So in this presentation we’ll take a look at proven techniques to:

  • Decrease your IQ
  • Never get anything done
  • Increase your stress levels
  • Get completely overwhelmed
  • Earn less money
  • Get yourself fired
  • Run your business into the ground

Sound good?
Ok let’s get started…

11 tips sure to kill your productivity:

#1 Keep Your Desk Cluttered

cluttered deskHow can you get anything done if you don’t know where anything is?

#2 Sit in a Crappy Chair

crappy chairErgo-what?

#3 Constantly Check Your Email

you've got mailEmail: the gift that keeps on giving.

#4 Multi-Task Everything

multitaskingThe more, the merrier!

#5 Stay Tuned to Every Possible Notification

stay tuned to every notificationEmails, Facebook notifications, Twitter mentions and DM’s, it’s all good.

#6 Allow Yourself to be Constantly Interrupted

allow yourself to be interruptedStay connected.

#7 Create the World’s Longest To-Do List

world's longest to-do listAt least you’re organized…

#8 Live an Unhealthy Lifestyle

living unhealthyThe body needs fuel.

#9 Don’t Take Any Breaks

no breaksBreaks, ain’t nobody got time for that…

#10 Keep Using Primitive Tools

primitive toolsWhy reinvent the wheel?

#11 Master the Art of Procrastinatio

the art of procrastinationBut most importantly… Why start something today?

tommorowWhen you can finish it tommorrow…

go kill some time

So what other strategies are you using to kill your productivity?