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Time is Money: Boost Productivity with Accounting Software

Whether you’re providing a service or selling a product, the daily responsibilities of running a business can feel overwhelming. What’s the solution? Accounting software, as well as time management tools, that can help make sure your company is operating at peak performance.

Still not sure you need any help? Consider this: “A local business owner should understand where his or her money comes from and where it goes,” explains Stephanie Conner, principal of Active Voice Communications. “An accounting system provides insights like if you’re making more or less year over year, and which clients are your top payers.”

Check out the accounting software and time management tools below:

Accounting Software & Tools

When creating a billing system for your local business, efficiency isn’t the only factor you should consider. Professional invoices and estimates can make your company stand out.

With a program like Freshbooks, it’s easy to create branded invoices that incorporate your logo and color scheme. It’s also a money and time management tool because you can accept payment online and schedule automated reminders to clients who are past due.

Invoice Expert takes the billing process a step further, adding an inventory and customer management database to the mix. The free Lite Edition is an easy-to-use solution for local business owners, but the Advanced Edition ($69.95) is worth a look if your sales are more robust because it allows for unlimited products and customers.

Small business owners who bill for services, run a retail store, or even maintain an online company should consider kBilling. Compatible with Windows, kBilling supports unlimited customers and deals in international currency, which is especially useful for online retailers.

Time Tracking Tools

Local businesses that charge per the hour for their services need to keep a close watch on time. A tracking program is not only one of the best time management tools, but it also takes the pressure off and let’s you focus on work – not the clock.

Toggl is one of the highest-rated online time tracking systems because it accommodates up to 200 users per account and easily syncs with Quickbooks or Freshbooks for billing. Their mobile apps also make it easy to record time on the go.

Likewise, Freckle is designed for freelancers, contractors, and small teams. One of the biggest benefits is that Freckle breaks down billable vs. unbillable hours – a valuable tool that helps small business owners save money by identifying resource-draining projects.

We hope you’ve found our list of accounting software and time management tools to be helpful. After all, every local business owner can use some assistance staying productive and focused throughout each day! If you’re ready for some more, be sure to download our complimentary e-book, 38 Online Tools You’ve Gotta Use today!