Online MarketingIt is becoming increasingly apparent that it is easy for people to write about marketing, social media and content marketing, but it is another thing to actually back up your work with specific examples.

Many experts talk high level about how great social media is and why you should be online. (Same old stuff). What if these same people had to provide specific examples? A lot of time and energy is lost reading these type of articles and at the end of the day, most of us are confused and frustrated.

How can you stop wasting time?

If you, are like me and you like to follow great marketing blog sites, start following people who are in the game. These type of people give great advice about tools, “the way they think”, “their successes”, “their failures”. These people are real and they really understand what they are doing.

As we get closer to 2015, keep these things in mind. When you read someone’s predictions or accomplishments, please look for the following:

  • Does this person work with marketing social media on a daily basis at a company?
  • Does this person write from his/her own experience or does he/she regergetate other people’s findings?
  • Is this person active on Linkedin, Twitter, GooglePlus?
  • Does this person write content on a blog site? How often?

Here are some of my biggest online marketing learning points in 2014

Content Marketing – Write each week, but don’t think you have to write something everyday. Take some time and really write something that people will want to read. Keywords are still valid, but good content will trump more words and sentences. Make sure you always have an image with your content and write for a specific audience.

Blog – Continue maintaining a blog site for yourself and your company. It really helps with SEO and I am seeing more traction with each and every Google Change. Yes, the first change, Panda hit all of us pretty hard, but those people who did not give up their blogs are seeing bigger returns with each future change. Content from reliable sources/sites is becoming more valuable each day.

Linkedin – You should be on the Linkedin Publishing Tool. This platform will help you with your personal brand presence and you will connect with a higher quality of followers. This site will let you know if your content resonates with others or does not resonate at all. Also, ask a question at the end to encourage more discussion.

Twitter – The custom retweet is the best way to engage on Twitter. Everytime your name is mentioned or you retweet someone else’s work, put your comments at the BEGINNING OF THE TWEET! This simple change gets noticed because 1) it is so different than anything else out there and 2) you actually show someone you care by adding your comments and 3) the tweet is sent to everyone on twitter for more exposure.

What type of learning have you experienced with respect to marketing online?

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