Office moves are significant business events. Continuity of business is essential to keep operations flowing smoothly and to maintain high levels of customer confidence. Smaller businesses may not always have the luxury of hiring professional moving teams. When a business handles a move on their own, they need to take special care to make sure servers and network infrastructure components are properly moved.

Backup Data

Backups are essential components to moves. Data backups are most commonly thought of but hardware backups are equally essential. Data backups ensure that any lost data can be quickly recovered and protects critical server programs. Hardware backups may include replacement servers or other information technology equipment. If there should be loss or damage of server or client hardware, it can be easily replaced or repaired.

Test Networks

Install and test the network infrastructure before the servers are moved to the new location. Network cables, UPS units, switches and routers should all be in place and tested prior to the servers being relocated. This allows servers and clients to be installed and tested quickly and reduces potential downtime. By eliminating infrastructure problems, system administrators are able to reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot problems that may occur. If servers and client systems are in place before the infrastructure, it may become an obstacle that slows down the installation of cable and other devices.

Store Unused Items

Businesses should also consider having additional storage space. Storage units are low cost ways of storing office furniture, files and even computer hardware until it is needed. useable. If a company is relocating to a smaller office, a storage unit may be required to store equipment that may not be currently. Select a storage unit that fits your specific needs. Climate control is essential to keep moisture, dust and other elements from damaging equipment, documentation or sensitive electronics. Storage can also be used as a safe staging point to allow essential equipment to be moved and set up before non-essential equipment.

These three simple tips can help with any successful server move. Servers are critical components of business infrastructure. If a move is done improperly, employees and customers may not be able to access vital databases and information. It can create a failure that can cost a business money and client confidence. Carefully plan out any server move and keep in mind these basic tips. Backup to preserve data and replace hardware, set up the infrastructure first and utilize storage to help keep the move organized.

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