Connoisseur of clarity that I am, I was pleased to learn about Marketing Sherpa’s latest research finding.

B2B marketers believe clarity is the “top tactic in developing effective value propositions.”

A value proposition states the primary reason customers choose you over your competitors.

According to Marketing Sherpa, your value proposition should describe:

  1. What your company does and
  2. Why an “ideal customer” buys from you

Nearly 70 percent of marketers have written value propositions, the research finds. And 70 percent of those believe “clearly explaining the value of your product or service” should be the aim in writing one, if you want it to be effective.

Three cheers for the clarity crowd!

But don’t count yourself in, if you prefer poppycock like this (used by a real company that shall remain nameless):

“XYZ is a global systems integrator with deep experience in creating and managing sophisticated IT solutions for US government agencies within the United States and abroad in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We only partner with trusted, agile and best-of-breed partners who possess the same level of experience and commitment to delivering IT solutions that meet our customer’s needs.”

Are you having trouble achieving clarity?

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