Starting a new business is like establishing a new relationship. One has to take into account some important things about the other to create the liaison essential to make it lifelong, thriving, and fruitful. People often define business as any legal activity, performed with an aim of generating income but believe me it is not that simple as it seems. Let’s have a look at what major aspects one has to take into consideration to start a promising business.

Market Research:

It is the most fundamental step if you are looking to become a businessman. Market research will help to find answers of many questions like;

  • What are current market trends?
  • Is your product compatible with the needs of your target market?
  • Is it the right time to enter the market?
  • What challenges are you going to face and what opportunities may arise in the future?
  • What should be your pricing and marketing strategies?

It is basically a way of collecting useful information and using it to your benefit.

Business Plan:

Your business plan basically is the pillar holding all your business together. It is the way forward to form, operate and nurture your business. You need to do the following to devise an exceptional business plan;

  • Adopt a compatible management approach
  • Choose inventory management technique
  • Devise marketing strategies
  • Ways to arrange the funds required to operate
  • Income, expense, and sales projections


Your business location is the key factor which is going to make a huge impact upon the future performance of your business. While calculating your startup costs you must not forget to include the cost of acquiring a good location. A good business location has the following qualities;

  • Easy to reach
  • Situated at a prominent place
  • Compatible with local laws
  • Favorable to government’s policies regarding subsidies and discounts

Name of Business:

It is the face of your business so be very careful while you create a business name. Market research that you conducted previously, will definitely help you in this process but you must put a little extra thought and creativity into this. A good business name should be;

  • Catchy
  • Easy to pronounce
  • The target market must be able to relate to it
  • Should be legal and legit


Registry your business will make it a legal entity. You must carefully complete all the documents required for registration. Once it is done, your business name will become protected by law and no one will be able to steal the identity of your business. The process and documentation of registration may vary depending upon the nature and structure of the business. Consulting a registered agent in this regard may help you ease the process out. It may also reduce the overall cost and hassle of the process and these resources can be utilized in some other activity to speed up the launch of your business.


You must know your competitors well in order to sustain your place in the market. You must be able to analyze their product in detail to extract the necessary information essential to help you create your competitive edge which can differentiate your product from others. While entering a market always look at what the benchmark standards are and what you need to do to achieve or surpass those standards. Knowing your competition will also help you determine the market share you intend to capture. A good knowledge of the competition will help you analyze what needs of the targeted clients need to be catered ultimately resulting in the acquisition of clients from the audience being targeted.


You need to price your product in a way that creates harmony and balance between your projected revenue and buying power of your potential customer. Wrong pricing can adversely affect your newly blooming business. Normally, while launching a new business, a penetrative pricing strategy is adopted initially which offers the availability of products in bulk quantities with low prices to neutralize the competition and build trust among community. Pricing is a sensitive matter which requires specialized skill to maintain the balanced trio of production, revenue and market share.


The right marketing strategy can perform miracles for your business. It helps to create awareness about your product among the target audience. For this purpose you need to choose the rights tools and medium to market your product. Always ensure that the medium you chose to market your business has maximum outreach to the targeted or, you may say, potential customers. In recent times, social media platforms have been the go-to choices to market new business due ever-growing enormous reach to the masses. Growth marketing companies have devised many innovative tools and strategies which have shown remarkable results. It is pertinent to mention here that marketing is fundamental factor in creating efficient brand recognition.

Human Recourse:

Right person for the right job is the basic principal of collecting the human resource for your business and again it is not that simple as it seems. Each human being possesses a unique set of qualities depending upon the genetic composition, social norms, educational background and life experiences. Your job is to find a person having specific qualities and abilities required to perform a specific job. The aptitude of the resource is also very important. Always keep in mind to hire a person with abilities specifically required for a job. It will ensure optimum utilization of resources, enhanced level of efficiency and educed cost of operation.

Financial Management:

You must know how to manage and control your finances. Financial management covers an array of activities that are responsible for the smooth operation of business, uninterrupted revenue generation, covering costs, and reducing risks. You must find a bank offering facilities which are beneficial specifically for your business and open an account. It will help you take a check on your expenses and gains. You must also get your business insured in order to diminish the risks beyond your control. The savings must be invested rationally. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Make multiple investments to increase the rate of gain and eradicate the risk of sudden everything.