What is the secret to building a successful business?

Why do some businesses make it and others don’t? Of course there are a many possible answers to this question. They didn’t manage their finances well. They didn’t manage their employees well. Their advertising sucked. They didn’t keep up with the changing times. They picked a business that wasn’t in demand. They didn’t have a good location. And the list goes on and one.

You might be thinking, “Wow, this is going to be an incredibly long and complex article.” No worries, I only have one point.

What do all businesses have in common?

You might market to consumers or businesses. Your customers might be old, young, women or men.  All businesses are different, but there is one thread that unites them.


There is a destiny that makes us brothers.

No one goes his way alone.

Everything you send into the hearts of others,

Comes back into your own.

Every business deals with people in one way or another and every business is built by people, and that is the foundation of your business.

So what’s the secret?

If you are doing what you do only for money, people can tell. They really can and they will avoid your business.

The key to building a successful business, is to be a successful person. If your business is only there to suck money out of people, you won’t be as happy and neither will they. Successful business really care about people. They do excellent work, not just good work.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a bunch of emotional fluff.”

Let me make this more concrete for you.

More Influence

People who really care for others, many times offer their services for free. They use social media to help other people. They offer their services to their friends and family.

Acts like this do not go unnoticed. People talk about you and your business more. Word spreads and word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to spend your marketing budget money. People trust their friends. When your best friend says, “Oh, go to Tom for your senior pictures. He’s really good!” They believe him. They don’t think, “That’s just an advertisement.”

Better Reputation

When you care about people and not just numbers with dollar signs, it becomes incredibly obvious and people notice. Your business reputation is incredibly important.

Bad experiences spread WAY faster than good experiences. Your reputation can either make or break your business.

You’re Happier

No matter what you think, money is not fulfilling. Now don’t tune out on me.  Everyone wants to be substantial and to make a difference and be remembered. If your work doesn’t fulfill those needs, soon you’ll find yourself getting bored or restless. Successful businesses can’t have distracted leaders.

The best way to be remembered is to remember people.

My Point

Every business is built on the ideas of one or a handful of people.

The bare bones: Good people make good businesses.

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