A few years back, generating auto insurance leads was done through newspapers, the yellow pages, sending out advertising mail through snail mail, television commercials, radio, posters, and massive billboard ads. Today, almost every type of advertisement for b2b lead generation is being done through the Internet.

In a statistical analysis found at benefitplace.biz, during the year 2009, insurance purchasers used the following before going for the purchase:

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  • 1 out of 10 read Newspapers and Yellow Pages
  • 3 out of 10 watched TV and listened to the Radio
  • 6 out of 10 searched through the World Wide Web

Through this statistical report, we can clearly see that marketing to generate auto insurance leads can be more advantageous for insurance companies if they do it on-line. Therefore, companies within the sector that have not yet been using the Internet as their main marketing medium for generating more business leads, then it is high time to shift gears and go for the current trend in b2b marketing.

For instance, one can take advantage of using social media website giants like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their insurance products. This allows their company’s brand name to gain maximum visibility to a wide array of markets.

The only gripe for many b2b marketers, auto insurance industry or not, is that in order to allow such a feat to happen, you have to acquire a very large number of followers/subscribers. Doing so can take a lot of time to achieve. Furthermore, when it comes to b2b marketing, time is not everyone’s friend.

Hence, for a more speedy approach in the matter and a more targeted way to getting quality leads for auto insurance companies, they acquire the services of ready professional that are willing to take the job off of their hands. Such professionals can be located in reliable and reputable telemarketing companies.

Professional telemarketers, though surrounded by a lot of negativity, is a great choice for fine tuning a lead generation campaign for acquiring quality business leads for auto insurance companies. First of all, their notab

le achievements in talking with gatekeepers allows insurance companies to touch base with their targeted decision makers. Secondly, call centers of today have made it as an assurance that they are using the latest in telecommunications technology. This provides maximum efficiency as leads can be passed from their marketing staff to your sales people within near instant speed (as soon as the lead has been qualified).

There are even other benefits for auto insurance companies when they outsource to a reliable call center. Cost efficiency and cost effectiveness are two of these all important benefits that can, and will be acquired upon acquisition of their services.

If there are any inquiries with regards to their cold calling services, it’s best to reach out and contact one today. One should always remember that time is of the essence here. Waste more time and the leads can be acquired by competitors.