Almost like a universal principle, a majority of the women assume varying responsibilities during the course of their lifetime. These responsibilities tend to evolve according to the life altering changes that take place over time. These facts of life hold great impact on the professional lives of many women. At the same time, the current global economic situation is making it difficult for households to make both ends meet if there’s only a single breadwinner without any supporting earners.

Apart from the need-based professions, other women are simply passionate about their career. In either case, ways to make money at home online have gained immense popularity. As one would expect, there are countless ways to make money from home online but the opportunities which are ranked as top 10 home based businesses are highly preferred. These top 10 home based businesses present ideas specifically to cater to the earning needs of women. The principal factors and reasons behind women choosing to make money online from home include:

Family Life – Women are considered to be the backbone of every family. Due to the related responsibilities, committing to work in a traditional workplace becomes almost impossible.

Independent Earnings & Savings – Women wish to find ideas on how to make money at home online so they are able to enjoy:

  • Liberation
  • Self-worthiness
  • Increased savings

Although the top 10 home based businesses earn their ranking because of their high rate of success and profit potential, it is still crucial for interested women to possess the right skills and knowledge. This does not imply that women must know it all before they research about how to make money online from home or the top 10 home based businesses. In fact, women should also seek guidance from sources that can train them in required skills and information to start making money online from home.

With the aim of collecting ideas to inspire women who wish to make money online at home, the following list includes alternatives which are popularly known to be the top 10 home based businesses.

Top 10 Home Based Businesses for Women

Home Based Businesses

The list of top 10 home based businesses has been prepared to meet the specific needs of women, ensuring that the range of options match different types of skills and talents. At the same time, the listed choices do not follow any specific order in terms of their importance. The aim of providing these ideas of top 10 home based businesses is to highlight their potential as a lucrative way for women to make money online from home.

1. Blog Writing

Firstly, women can start a personal blog. It should cover a topic which is directly related to their skills set. Once they acquire a decent number of readers and followers, they could begin to offer them their services related to their skills and charge a fee for it. Another option in blogging as one of the top 10 home based businesses involves writing for another individual or company and earning a service fee in return.

2. Providing Professional Advice

Women can offer paid advice related to their profession. This is one of the top 10 home based businesses because they do not need to worry about setting up their own online platform for this service. There are many websites which offer professional advice to its customers by appointing a team of experts from various lines of work. They often have predetermined rates and commissions for their registered experts while others also keep them negotiable.

3. Book Publishing

Publishing may sound like the most investment-demanding option out of the other top 10 home based businesses. This does not hold true for online book publishing or content marketing. Some websites offer free registration to use their online publishing services while others charge a nominal amount. In the end, women can enjoy writing books on their favorite topics and set the prices themselves. Online book publishing is part of the top 10 home based businesses because it enables women to publish books only in the demanded quantity.

4. Designing Shoes

Many fashion-savvy females have a creative sense which is often specific to items like shoes. The ideas may come to them naturally but they may be unable to take up shoe-designing as a full-fledged career option. However, women should utilize different software to develop unique designs and sell them to small-sized shoe businesses along with the ownership right to the designs. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship.

5. Conducting Online Research

More and more companies are relying on the internet as an effective tool for conducting marketing research. Some of the benefits they find in this option include access to geographically dispersed respondents, less time required, etc. This has given birth to the need for employing individuals to conduct the research. Women with an inquisitive nature often prefer this choice out of the different top 10 home based businesses.

6. Image Consultancy

This line of work involves assisting people who wish to achieve their goal of improving their overall image. This is known to be a women-centric choice among the top 10 home based businesses. This field pertains to providing consultancy in different areas, such as grooming, styling, dressing, etc.

7. Audio Typing

This is one of the top 10 home based businesses which require the minimal investment of a computer and internet connection. In most cases, these facilities are already present which makes it a zero-investment alternative. Women can offer the services as a typist to reproduce provided audio files into a written format. Although typing speed would be a helpful skill, beginners could always commit to a deadline according to their skills and improve with time.

8. Affiliate Marketing

For Affiliate Marketing as one of the top 10 home based businesses, women need to have their own website. It would allow them to associate with other businesses to pay them a commission when visitors to their websites are linked to purchase the company’s products.

9. Online Teaching

Teaching makes it to the list of top 10 home based businesses because the internet has made it possible to use it as a way to make money online at home. Women can provide interactive sessions to students for their daily homework while offer topic-wise teaching through video tutorials.

10. Writing Guides

Writing guides are one of the top 10 home based businesses suitable for women because they often have a wide knowledge base on different topics. They should identify the needs of people and companies for which they may pay to receive an online guide to read.

Different women have various needs which lead them to finding ways to make money from home online. The shortlisted top 10 home based businesses are inspirational ideas which could be altered around individual preferences.