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I Haven’t Made Any Sales. What Should I Do?

“I have been in online marketing for years. I haven’t made any money. Not even one single sale. Is there any program out there that can help me?”

Before I answer this, let me throw out a simple question for you. Go out and ask the same question to 10 different marketers and see how they answer about how to make sales.

Most likely you are going to get replies saying stuff like:

“Join my program and your problem will be solved.”

“The gurus have lied to you. Join this and it will help you make money.

“Keep the faith, bud. Just hang in there.”

And so on…

Now before I give you my answer, here are a few facts to making ANY money online…

The 3 Truths about making money online, or at least in my attempts that led to failure, and, that experience that led me to be successful.

Once you understand this than creating a successful online business is a lot easier than most people think.

1. Yes, some people have been misled by scammy marketers and gurus so much so that they have no clue how a REAL online business is built

2. Yes, some programs can be better than others

3. Yes, sometimes hanging in there can work

BUT….what about a product?

Is that it? Is that all there is to make money online? No. If you come to me and tell me the same thing, here’s what I would do. First I would ask you whether you are selling a product that the market WANTS. Not just needs but WANTS. (By the way, there are so many products in the marketplace that people want).

So if I find that you are NOT selling one that the market wants then I would tell you to rectify that problem first.

But let’s say you are indeed selling a product that the market wants. I will then ask you –

“Are you getting good quality traffic and tons of quality leads to your sales funnel?”

Don’t tell me you got 30 leads and no sales. 30 is quite a bit. You need more to judge accurately and sufficiently, see HOW it converts. Marketing is also about testing first, then scale up. But quality must also be there to a targeted hungry audience begging for what you got.

So I will check the traffic source for you to determine whether it’s good or needs improvement. If it’s not, I will tell you that your problem is in getting GOOD traffic.

Work on it first. Now if that’s NOT a problem and you are, in fact, getting good quality traffic, then we move to the next step.

TIP: Please avoid using FREE traffic, because truthfully it does not work.

The Conversions…

It’s all about what you do AFTER you get the traffic. Here I will check your sales page (of the product you are promoting), your email followups. If your sales process is GARBAGE, obviously you are NOT going to make sales no matter how much traffic you send.

If that’s the case, I would tell you so and ask you to work on it (by telling you EXACTLY what to work on).

When you get this right, you are BOUND to make sales.


Because now you’re getting it right…

1. You are selling a product that people WANT
2. You are getting the right traffic
3. And NOW you are getting your sales process right

When these 3 things click, sales are BOUND to happen. Common sense, don’t you think? And this is how I would help people who come to me. By identifying their “EXACT” problem and telling them the honest truth.

This is what a guru once told me…and it’s far from the truth to making sales.

“Be positive.”

“Hang in there.”

“The gurus are lying to you. Buy my system.”

” You can use FREE traffic to build a successful online business”

You decide. You see, marketing is all about a process, systems, products (that people want) and tons of leads. You just need to get all the components right and you are bound to do well.

Yes, easier said than done but when you go out and do it, crazy profits are possible, there is an entire “Sea of Money” out there…..GO GET IT!

That’s why many people make $5K, $10K, $20K+ a month in their online business and BEYOND! So now that I’ve covered the meat and potatoes of creating a successful online business, my question is what are you waiting for?

Now it’s time to take action, create your “left-the-rat-race-dream-job” and invest in your future.