consumer panel researchConsumer Panels are extremely efficient forms of market research. They can carry so much potential as there is a lot to be learned from directly engaging with your target audience. What’s vital of course is that you effectively utilize the results you get back.


The information a consumer panel can provide is invaluable when compared to other traditional sources. The wide variety of insights your panel comes back with can provide you with much greater understanding of the public perception of your product or service. What’s more, the information you receive is directly related to your product – there is no need to attempt applying research on existing, similar products to this data as the consumer panel information is immediate and relevant.


As well as learning new information, you can also use your consumer panel to confirm what you hope, you already know. If you have based part of your product design or marketing strategy on existing alternative research, your consumer panel can confirm, or disprove, it’s effectiveness. Remember that a negative reaction is still something to learn from, especially if you have been in any doubt. It is important not to assume what the public’s reaction is going to be, but your consumer panel can give a clear indication of whether or not you’re on the right track.


Consumer Panels are ideal forums to identify emerging trends. Patterns in consumer habits and behaviors are going to reveal themselves clearest when directly engaging with the consumers themselves. From your consumer panel you can gauge any new developments in how consumers react to or perceive a product. You can identify trends in purchasing behavior, opinions and preferences directly related to your market.

Consumer panels can give you so much information. They give you the greatest indication of how your product or service will fair on the open market. Taking what you learn from your consumer panel could give your product or service an edge it would have otherwise lost out on.

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