All I ever hear from online marketing and blogging experts is to make sure and make things easy on my users. I call shenanigans on this.

I’ve made things easy -maybe too easy?- and now I have to make them more difficult. And this makes sense because human nature doesn’t appreciate things that come easy. The DNA of our species is designed to fight for every morsel, and this is also expressed in our appreciation of things that come hard to us.

I can draw countless parallels between the example I talk about in the video and examples we find in our lives all the time.

  • Gastric bypass patients who lose weight practically over night only to gain it back, practically over night
  • One night stands that never turn into relationships
  • Feeling guilty for getting a job you didn’t deserve on basis of connections or good luck

I could go on and on. The one thing all these scenarios have in common is that when we get something we didn’t work for, we don’t appreciate it. And it ends up meaning nothing to us.

Lesson? It pays to make your customers, users, readers, and whoever else, jump through hoops for their own good.

Watch the video for a real online-life example.