Missing out

Today’s social media culture is creating a crazy frenzy where people are quickly distracted and constantly looking at their smartphones for fear of missing out on the latest news, personal stories, drama, gossip or sales.

It is getting worse and worse. Many people I talk to turn to their phones the minute they get out of bed and look at content on them before they go to sleep.

At work, there is this crazy pressure from articles that people need to be on social media or they are missing out on a potential connection or ultimately a sale.

From a marketing standpoint, “the fear of missing out” is very real.

The list gets longer every day… mobile marketing, social media, digital, website, blog, content marketing, network event, conference, trade show. If you are not involved in these areas you are really missing out.

From a management standpoint “the fear of missing out” is also very real.

Are you recruiting the best people out of college? Are your employee pay and benefits in line with or above the market? Is your business on the cloud?

From my standpoint, I used to be afraid of these items and I used to be frustrated that I wasn’t moving faster in these areas. Over the past few years, that fear has subsided and I continue to look at these areas helping our company meet its objectives.

The key for me was recognizing that the company goals need to be in place first and once that criteria is defined, it is much easier to look at these other areas and see where their particular place fits in.

I have also found much more peace in putting my smartphone away and not checking it every minute of the day. The content is all there, but I am much more in control and if a response needs to occur, I am in a better frame of mind to deal with it. I am in the game and I work on the items mentioned in this article, but I look at a much bigger picture and a plan to get there.