The great constant in this world is change. Change leads you down a different path and it can be a catalyst to brighter opportunities. Social, mobility, and cloud are the building blocks of the big change going on in technology.

This is revolutionary, and as IT Business Edge says, it is a “nexus of converging forces…building upon and transforming user behavior while creating new business opportunities.”

Mobile, an effective way to connect socially also brings a new way to do business. Social is the ultimate link between friends, family, and real-time news. Cloud brings a new way of delivering information and functionality to users and systems. All together create a powerful concoction that will be the “technology platform of the future.”

Let’s Start with Social

We all love our social sites for personal use, and although it doesn’t seem like a clear case for businesses, it is how we share.

Have you ever had a bad experience at a store and posted it on a Facebook status, tweet or blog? These negative experiences are not only shared with your followers and friends, but in turn this very story is shared with friends of friends. These bad, or good, recommendations caught the eye of consumer vendors; who quickly picked up on how influential your friends comments are over purchasing decisions.

Despite social’s impact, for businesses it is not a standalone. It requires the important need for mobility, user experience is more valuable real time and a phone is much easier to use on site than a computer. It depends on cloud for scale and analysis. As more people join social networks, in fact as of June 2012 there were 955 million monthly active Facebook Users, all these comments and user experiences is a gold mine of information for consumer vendors. Social analytics and big data are a beautiful friendship, not to mention a profitable one if harnessed right.

On the Go: Mobility

Everyone has an app for their customers. Why? 46% of the mobile devices carried by American adults were smart phones. This is huge opportunity. For retailers it can be a make or break for the final sale. To the banking world, your mobile device is on its way to becoming your wallet. For account executives, it provides total accessibility for the customer, encouraging communication and eventually sales. Mobility touches every industry – but it can’t do it alone. Mobility needs a cloud based ecosystem

To the Cloud

It is the super glue binding the three together. Cloud computing allows social interactions to happen at scale and gives mobile the ability to connect to different data and functions. Cloud is global, it is everywhere and available to almost anyone – creating a culture where despite the structure of the data, it can be gathered from the cloud and all made accessible around the world.

Accessibility to Information

Social, mobile, and cloud make information available, shareable, and consumable to anyone in any location at any time – and all almost real time. Information is everywhere and overwhelming – especially if you don’t have a plan to utilize what’s applicable to your business needs.

Your business must develop a discipline of innovation through information that successfully enables your organization to respond to customer, environment, employee or product changes as they occur. According to Chris Howard, managing vice president at Gartner, “organizations must face the challenges of modernizing their systems, skills and mind-sets. Organizations that ignore the nexus of forces will be displaced by those that can move into the opportunity space more quickly — and the pace is accelerating.”