In order to win  business deals or make a sale from a customer, the customer needs to know that your service will help solve their problems. The best way to get a client hire you is by proving how effective service your is, to their business.

They need to get to the point where they’ll trust that you’ll make things better for them.

Just because you know how effective your product or service is, doesn’t mean a customer will. There’s a very huge gap between both of you. You need to convince the client that you’re more than skilled to surpass their expectations.

Based on my experience and relatioship with people, I’ve found out that the best way to get more repeat business is by telling them the result your product or service will bring to their business.

Show them testimonies of people who’ve purchased your product or hired your service. Let them see a reason to hire you.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, killer tactics to make people want to do more repeat business with you. These tips are tested–proven– and guaranteed to get you results. They’re founded on how people think and act.

1.     Let them Know the result they’ll get by hiring your service or product

Can you craft out a case study of how your service or product helped improve the business of a client of yours? Do you have proof– pictures and the testimonials from happy customers? Can you show them your product or prove to them how effective your service or product is?

Like my Dad always say ( He’s a sales man), ‘Don’t tell, show’.

In other words,  don’t tell the customer  theskill you have or the number of clients you’ve work for– instead; show it out! Let them see it.

Craft a case study of the effect a company or client had by ordering your product or service.

Give them a reason to want to hire you.

You get what I mean?

Show your clients the advantages of your product or service.

Show them how it’ll help save their time– how it will improve their business and make them more money. Make them want to fall to hire you. Be viral…

Make them know how your product will make them get younger–richer–bigger– Gorgeous–  beautiful–handsome–skilled–knowledgeable and so on.

For example, If you’re offering a service as a  Freelance Writer or copywriter, show your customer a testimonial of how a client ranked on top Google after placing your content on his blog. Give them a proof to back it up and you’ll be surprised  at how clients will rush you for freelance writing jobs.

2.     Over-deliver!

If a client hires you, make him/ her want to go ”wow” by over-delivering.

People love it when they get much more than the value of their money.

As a Freelance Writer, One thing I always do when a client order an article is to craft out an exceptional content to back it up. I also go the extra mile to submit the content as  guest post to a top  blog with a link back to the client’s blog.

Now tell me, Don’t you think the client  will be more than willing to keep me as a permanent Freelance Writer?

Pro Tip:  Apply this to your business. It’s  very important if you desire to get more repeat business from clients.

Your Turn!

Do you wish to get more repeat business from your clients? Then apply these tips. I’m a living testimonial that they work!