time managementI’m thankful that I have come to realize the importance of time management for my business and my personal life. It’s included in the Thankful31 Motivational Campaign because without strategic time planning, my business and my personal life were out of control. Once I had a system in place, I was able to get things done on time.

One resource that I would suggest to business owners to help with time management was created by iBloom.co. According to their website, the 2014 iBloom Life & Business Planner is a planner that helps you remember where you need to be and when, and also WHO you want to become and WHY. It’s a planner that is functional, beautiful, and inspirational. My plan is to use this in 2014 to make sure that my time management stays in control.

Why is time management important to business owners?

Time management is one of the key components to keeping your business running smoothly. Without it you put yourself in a situation where you might not be in control of the following:

  • Daily Schedule Integration – For a lot of business owners the biggest struggle is managing time spent professionally with their personal lives. If you’re a person who plays a big role in your kids schedule or your taking classes, managing your time properly will help you integrate everything on a daily schedule.
  • Tracking Tasks – As a business owner you have your hands in many different projects. Keeping track of the time you spend on each of the tasks associated with these projects will safeguard you so that you’re able to complete them on time.
  • Appointments – Last but not least keeping your appointments in order is crucial in business. Be it a client, contractor or vendor managing your time will ensure that you are prepped and ready for that appointment.

What can cause time management to get out of control?

There are times that might seem like trying to manage your time, whether you choose to use an app or a planner, is a waste of time. It may even seem like your less productive and no longer efficient. Here are some reasons that this happens:

  • Lack of Priority – When you are trying to manage your time you have to figure out what’s priority. This is usually things or tasks that have a strict deadline or that are #1 on your to do list.
  • Procrastination – There will always be things that you don’t like to do. Many creative business owners don’t like managing their books but doing so saves them money. This is the type thing that can lead to procrastination. In this situation try to get it out of the way first.
  • Distractions – There are so many distractions in the everyday world. I would recommend recognizing what those distractions are and making it a point to steer clear when faced with them.

Time management is definitely a business owner’s best friend. If it is done effectively you will have afforded yourself a piece of mind and higher levels of productivity. Tell me about the tools you use to manage your time in the comments.