The amount of information that flows into our lives is bewildering. The continual ticker tape of news feeds and stock prices in the old days pales in comparison to every person getting their own say. It’s so easy to push out a post or have an opinion and make it known.

I often wonder, especially with the prevalent fear of public speaking people have, whether they would clutter our attention if they had to stand up and say what they think. Likely not.

Instead we get a lot of noise. There’s not much cost to hearing every angle, opinion and rant.

But what really works? What is really true?

You may see someone’s success in their career, life or business. And there’s often not public disclosure of how they did it – what strategy did they implement?

There are many possibilities to the success we see:

  • A simple strategy with intense, hard work over a long period of time
  • Connection to a special person of position that opened a door
  • Being first in a new market or platform
  • Finding some kind of loophole in the rules
  • Exploiting a narrow opening

Have you ever noticed, in whatever game you are playing, there are a few that sit atop the success ladder? The mass of others may have good intention and effort, but they tend to lag.

Can the masses simply copy what others did? Do they lack discipline and consistency which would otherwise propel them?

Or is there a strategy that they are missing that the leaders have found?

The best use of your energy if you want results is to test the strategies you see and hear that the winners have applied and see if it is replicable.

If a few have achieved results, then why not anyone else that simply follows the process and steps?

If the data, research and findings lead you to emulate the practices of those that have gone before you accurately, then you should see similar outcomes.

However, if you do not find replication based on similar actions, then there may be something else at work you can’t quite detect. You may not be able to replicate a special relationship or the timing of a pursuit.

The testing of your strategies can reveal what the truth of the matter is.

We see models out there that tend to be replicable:

How to build a law firm.

How to grow great children.

How to get a paycheck.

These are replicable by simply watching and mimicking and they work in scale.

But if you don’t see a lot of replication, then dig a little deeper to see if it is even possible in the game you have chosen. Find that truth that is powering the success you see, but the reasons may be elusive.

If you find something is not replicable, then you have the choice to replicate the luck you see or move on to another game.