lead generation telemarketing, lead generation, teleprospecting, telemarketingCold calling isn’t called what it is just to give it a fancy business name. It’s called as such because calls are made at random and with no giving of any notification to prospects beforehand. As one method to finding more opportunities, lead generation telemarketing is indeed a very effective approach to employ. However, when it comes to teleprospecting, the effectiveness of such methods can be improved through engaging with prospects before contact is made.

It’s a good idea to connect with your prospects before your start doing telemarketing for lead generation. Fortunately, you can do this through an assortment of ways. So, let’s take a look what you can possibly do and some tips as well:

Online interaction – One of the most open and best avenues through which you can engage your prospects through nowadays is through the internet. There are a variety of ways and places open to you when it comes to performing online interaction with your prospects, such as:

  • Email – Using email is one way of connecting with and staying connected with your prospects. It’s very simple to use, and doesn’t cost you a lot of money to keep on doing.
  • Forums – Forums are relatively old, but still effective. Using them as a place to find new business contacts and connect with them is something you shouldn’t neglect. Try visiting the Warrior Forum and see for yourself the type of activity it has and figure out how you can generate leads and contacts from forums.
  • Blogging – Keeping a company blog may not seem like online interaction, however, it really is part of how you can “talk” to your prospects. Keeping a company blog and making sure it is updated in a timely manner provides your prospects and clients with content that is relevant to them, and feeds them with information they may be looking for, or may need.
  • Social media – Social media involves a lot of things. Pictures, videos, infographics, etc. There’s a lot you can make use of when it comes to social media and using it to connect with your prospects. Figuring out the right method is all part of how you can establish an effective social media marketing campaign and can serve as a very great way of connecting with prospects.
  • Social networks – Engaging prospects through social networks is one of the foremost and most effective ways in which you can improve your lead generation telemarketing results. Networks such as LinkedIn, a social network for business professionals, are great places from which you can extract information and where you can even search for more prospects and B2B leads.

Offline interaction – Traditional methods also work quite well. These can be done through ways such as direct mail, during tradeshows and similar events, and through other means which involve having to meet with your prospect in person or through communicating without the use of the online realm. Here are a few examples:

  • Direct mail – This method is quite costly, although does appear to give you more visibility in the eyes of prospects. Of course, mail goes into their inbox; you can’t simply ignore a letter when it’s already placed on your desk.
  • Tradeshows – Presenting your products to a large audience? Certainly a good way of generating interest and finding interested prospects! If your prospects know about your brand beforehand, then there is a chance that they will be more receptive to your marketing advances, performing teleprospecting being one of them.

These are just some of the methods and possible avenues you can make use of to engage your prospects before you start making phone calls. Want better teleprospecting results? Then these should prove to your benefit. Give it a run and see how it works for your lead generation efforts.