network hub and patch cablesBuilding a network that ensures high performance and reliability is more important than ever for modern businesses. Today’s users have very low tolerance for poor performance, and they expect their business applications and services to run as well as the consumer services they use in their everyday life.

Combine these expectations with an increasingly complex IT infrastructure, and companies that are more distributed across locations than ever before, and you have a tough environment for managing network performance.

For example, 43% of businesses have seen an increase in Total Cost of Ownership for networking solutions over last year, and 51% of companies expect to see an increase in their network performance budget in the next year.

But these challenges aren’t insurmountable. Aberdeen Group research has shown that successful organizations are able to break through these barriers and build network infrastructures that are reliable, responsive, and high-performing.

They do this by breaking away from the limited tools of the past, and embracing technologies that give them deep visibility into their network and applications, and the ability to quickly detect and respond to potential problems. With these technologies, leaders are building their way to the next generation of network and application infrastructures.

To be a leader in network and application performance:

  • Understand your network infrastructure. Best-in-Class businesses know where their network is succeeding and where it is coming up short.
  • Respond quickly. The longer a performance problem lasts, the bigger its impact on user satisfaction and a company’s bottom line.
  • Get deep visibility, monitoring, and reporting.
  • And finally, prepare for disruptions. Applications today are more dynamic and use more cutting-edge technology. Being prepared for the performance hurdles these changes bring will help prevent future problems.

Your network is vital to your business. But some organizations seem to take their networks for granted, and don’t put in place the tools and processes to have a high-speed and reliable path for the business to travel on.

Organizations that are leaders in network performance realize the importance of knowing how their network is performing and how it should be configured to succeed. And they implement the tools and processes that will ensure that their networks and applications perform well, and that end-users are productive and happy.

For more information, read the free Aberdeen report, Catching the Next Networking Wave.