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Mike Huber discusses: “Taking Action Without A Plan”

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Hi, this is Mike Huber. Today I want to talk about one of the most common Internet marketing pitfalls – taking action without a plan. You might be one of those webmasters that recently received the dreaded Google webmaster unnatural links e-mail, or you might be a webmaster that recently noticed a drop in traffic that correlates to one of the Google updates, whether it be Panda or Penguin. And you might be anxious about what’s happening, and you might want to take action and you might want to do that without a plan. And we suggest that you actually take a step back and you develop a plan before you take action.

So let’s talk a little bit about how you develop that plan. The first thing that you might want to do is actually look at your Google Analytics and determine where the problem is. You might find that it’s just one high traffic page that has dropped in rank. You might find that it’s a directory that’s causing the problem. Or you might actually notice that is a sitewide issue. And really before you take action you want to determine where the actual problem is. We have a lot of webmasters that make assumptions, and you don’t really want to do that. You want to isolate what the problem is.

The second step that you might want to take is to actually look at your backlink profile. And we’ve noticed that since Google’s been doing the recent updates that a lot of our clients’ backlinks are actually dead. So they may think they have a lot of volume in terms of backlinks, but they actually don’t. In some cases, we’ve noticed they’ve lost over 50% of links of their backlinks.

So it could be a backlink issue that involves the overall number and the quality, but it might also correlate back to that single page that you’re having a problem with, because we’ve noticed that a lot of websites have over optimized anchor text. And if that head term or that anchor text correlates back to that one page that you’re having a problem with, now you’ve isolated the problem. You can actually take action.

When you take action, what do you do? Well, you develop a plan, and within that plan you have goals and you have actions steps and you actually can develop a methodical approach and a way to actually go through all of the issues that you think you have and document those to help increase your traffic and to increase your PageRank. So really, in summary, if you’ve noticed a recent drop in traffic, don’t panic. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t go off willy-nilly and try a whole bunch of different things. Take a step back, analyze, isolate what the problem is, develop a plan, and then go through that plan and document. And you’ll find that you actually find what the issues are and your traffic should bounce back.