We’ve stressed it time and again — Facebook photos are sure-fire ways to grab your fans’ attention and increase your brand’s level of social engagement. This week on our Retail Social Juice Index (RSJI), some of the top-moving brands earned spikes and others dips. But they all had one thing in common: photos, photos, photos. Here’s how each brand saw heightened engagement thanks to photo utilization:

Photo Tactic 1: Showcase New Products

This week, Cartier had a major dip on the RSJI, but further digging shows that the jeweler’s decreasing score wasn’t a result of poor social marketing. No, in fact, the brand had a very successful Facebook post on the day prior, but was unable to keep up the buzz when it didn’t post on the social platform for a few days. Prior to the brand taking some time off, thousands of likers had interacted with its photos highlighting brand new pieces from the Cartier collection.

Similarly, Tacori placed in the Big Movers This Week with a dip resulting from a short Facebook hiatus. The brand scored high on the days leading up to the social hiatus, though, when showcasing some beautiful and popular diamond rings. The brand had no reason to fear because when it hopped back on the network, engagement levels perked right up again!

Photo Tactic 2: Have Fun with your Audience!

Taking a page from its successful strategy from last week, Spencer’s, once again, kept it silly and backed away from any heavy brand promotion. The Facebook photo had nothing to do with the retailer’s offerings, sharing instead an amusing message — one that over 38,000 likers clearly got a kick out of. The strategy works for the brand, and Spencer’s reliance on it shows that the retailer clearly knows its audience and how to give fans what they like!

Photo Tactic 3: Put your Fans in Control

Shari’s Berries, not unlike Cartier and Tacori, earned a spot on the Big Movers This Week due to a slight dip, as a result of taking a few days off from its social platforms following a highly engaging post. That post showed a photo of a sweet treat and straight up asked likers, “Should we carry peanut butter pie?” Over 5,000 fans replied with a resounding, “Yes!” in the form of likes!

Photo Tactic 4: Contests (But Keep ‘em Legal!)

Moosejaw Mountaineering snagged the final spot on the Big Movers This Week when it shared a shot of one of the retailer’s backpacks and challenged fans to guess the contents inside the bag. It’s a fun concept, but we’d suggest the brand take another look at Facebook’s promotional guidelines because this promo doesn’t quite cut it! There are a number of slight tweaks that the brand could make to keep engagement levels of the contest high … while remaining legal!

Remember to check back daily to see which brands utilize the best type of photos and other engagement strategies each week!

Cartier photo album featuring new pieces in its collection

Tacori beautiful bloom engagement ring

Tacori princess and twin sister engagement ring

Spencers throws jokes and coconuts at its smart friends

Shari’s Berries on the question of peanut butter pie

Moosejaw Mountaineering asks fans to guess what’s in the backpack