Every person who starts a business online aims for the very top but not everybody makes it. What methods are the successful ones using that differ from everybody else, and how can this be implemented by business professionals online?

Dictate the outline of your own day.

How often do you find yourself grabbing your Smartphone as soon as you get up to check emails, Facebook updates or tweets? Do you then find yourself immediately responding to these communications with a sense of urgency?

Why let other people dictate what you do with your day?

Highly effective people will have an agenda and on that agenda will be tasks that are ranked in terms of importance, or more importantly tasks that will have a direct impact i.e. moving them closer to achieving their goals or plans.

You can’t ignore emails and social media if this is part of your strategy, but you can control when and how you interact with these people rather than have them dictate it. Be in control of your own environment and don’t let your environment control you.

Focus on One thing at a time.

Everybody talks about the ability to multi task. Resumes will be littered with “can deal with multiple projects at one time”. This is what employers want to deal with and is how most people deal with workflow on a daily basis. But isn’t it better to focus on one thing at a time? Do one job and then move on to the next knowing that you have completed it? Making progress on a lot of little things may look great but is it actually getting you any closer to the end result?

Work on tasks that will make a difference

I touched on this when I said dictate your own day. Is checking your email at 7.30am and replying straight away really going to get you closer to your end result? Is seeing who liked you on Facebook and checking out their profile actually relevant to your business results? Is that the most important task that could have the biggest significance on your day?

If the task at hand is not going to help you achieve your goals then don’t do it, or add to your to-do list for a more convenient time. As cold as it sounds, money generation activities should come first

Leave a mark.

In a previous post; “Does Your Small Online Business Follow the 1% rule” I mentioned that only 1% of people on the internet actually create content, 9% share it and the other 90% just browse. We live in what is being termed “the social age” where people are using the internet to share ideas and information. Now what if it was your information that was being shared across the hundreds of millions of users across the social web? Do you think this could benefit you? Getting your name, your brand you business talked about?

Create something with the knowledge and experience that you have gained. I am not talking War and Peace, just create content that can add real value to your audience and then share it. The more content you create the greater the chance that somebody else will share it and you will build your own audience who see you as influential in your subject matter.

Sharing other peoples’ content is great. It shows that you pay attention to what is important in your business niche and gives people an insight into what things inspire and interest you. The likelihood is that people will remember the author of the content, not the person who shared it.

Whatever niche you are in, do a Google search for key topics in that area and you will notice the same names pop up over and over again. Those leaders are investing in creating content and sharing their own ideas and expertise.

Build relationships, not numbers

If you want one thousand Facebook fans you can have it. You could probably get it within an hour and for the cost of $20. I don’t recommend that you do it because personally I think it is a waste of time and money. There would be absolutely no engagement between you and these so called “fans” and they will add no value to your business.

It’s nice to be liked, tweeted, +1’d, pinned and followed, but in all honesty it doesn’t really matter if you have ten thousand friends or 10. What matters is that those people are interested in what you have to say, tell you what they think and share your content enthusiastically. The most successful people in business and on social media track engagement and endeavour to improve it rather than worry and care about vanity.

Don’t get caught in the melee of distractions that one can find on the internet. If you follow what the successful business professionals online do you will achieve what you set out to achieve and more!

What habits do you think contribute to success online? Share your comment below!