reportage video productionReportage is traditionally a journalistic term. In this article, I am going to tell you more about what reportage is and about how the reportage genre can be translated into corporate video production, making for great video content that your audiences will thoroughly enjoy. MWP have recently launched a reportage video production service and I will tell you about the process we employ to create fantastic reportage videos for our clients.

What is reportage?

Reportage is defined as the act of reporting news. A wider way to describe reportage is as the journalistic style of factual representation e.g. in a book or other media, including video. Reportage is can be seen as subjective representation of an event by a reporter or journalist – it therefore has very authentic qualities which inspires trust in audiences.

For a bit of history, this is what Eric Hobsbawn (historian) has to say about reportage:

“’Reportage’ – the term first appears in French dictionaries in the 1929 and in English ones in 1931 – became an accepted genre of socially-critical literature and visual presentation in the 1920’s, largely under the influence of the Russian revolutionary avant-garde who extolled fact against the pop entertainement which the European Left had always condemned as the people’s opium.”

In other words, reportage is honest.

Reportage video production

The style of reportage can be adopted for corporate video production in order to capture the buzz and excitement of a live event. Live events offer businesses the perfect opportunity to generate meaningful and interesting video content. The material for a great video is there, ready and waiting to be shot.

As a stylistic choice, reportage video enables

  • A sense of unique access
  • A genuine look at what your business does and how
  • Access to the personalities behind your business

There are no rules regarding what types of businesses could use reportage video. Anyone who wants to communicate the real value behind their business by welcoming their customers ‘backstage’ can take advantage of reportage. Here are some great examples of reportage that I have come across which demonstrate the reportage style in a range of different business contexts.

Using reportage videos to address a query or a criticism

In the following video, McDonalds have used a reportage style video to answer a customer query – a query that could potentially make them appear extremely guilty if not addressed directly. The video gives McDonalds the opportunity to be transparent about their food and how they market it. This is an extremely intelligent use of reportage style video.

Using reportage videos to advertise a new product

The example below is a reportage style video that we at MWP shot for Maybelline New York, backstage at the Todd Lynn catwalk show as part of London Fashion Season. This type of backstage access is a great way to introduce audiences to a product and sell its benefits through seeing it in action.

Liverpool FC used a reportage style video to promote their new kit design to fans. Hearing the players advocate the new strip is an extremely powerful sales tool. It is also nice for fans to see their favourite players off the field in a different context.

Using reportage to be positioned as an authority

Reportage is traditionally a journalistic media form. For any major news channel, there are certain events that they will be at without question. Below is a video of the live reporting of the election of Pope Francis in 2013. A pretty big example but something we can all learn from. If you want to be a leader or be perceived as a leader in your field, it is essential that you attend events of any relevant significance to your industry. Go a step further and produce a reportage style video to share your access with your audience (permission may need to be granted in advance of course).

Reportage videos can generate interest

Obviously, reportage like any genre, can be drawn from for artistic purposes to create content with that particular feel or style. This video for Begin Again by The Veils is a good example of this.

Reportage video production service from MWP

At MWP we are proud of our reportage video production service. When we work with clients to produce reportage videos, we spend as much time planning as we do shooting and editing. In order to get the best results, our experience tells us that it is important to take the time to uncover the specific strengths and qualities that underpin a business.

Reportage style video looks ‘off the cuff’ but in fact, a lot of thought and preparation is invested in planning for the shoot. This ensures that we capture relevant and useful footage and that we don’t waste time – which saves our clients money. We use our unique creative process to build a story, which will engage our clients’ customers.

The video is brought to life through a highly professional post-production process. However, the work doesn’t stop there. At MWP we support our clients to reach the right audience with our video marketing services.

Visit our website for more information about our reportage video production service.