You story helps your business growI curled up on the couch with my 2 cats and did something I never do.

I binged watched True Detective (don’t worry no spoilers here). I could not get ENOUGH of Detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart. Every episode left me wanting more. My mind cried out to find out what would happen next. The characters compelled me to order pizza and watch another episode.

I had stuff to do. I didn’t write. I didn’t work. I didn’t grocery shopping. I just sat on my couch mesmerized by the story (thank God it was only 8 episodes).

I was addicted. The story invaded my mind. That’s the power of a great story.

A great story keeps us coming back for more. Story persuades in a way that we don’t even know we are being sold to.

If a story can keep my butt on the sofa for the weekend, imagine the possibilities of telling a great story in your business.

If you’re not telling great stories in your business, here’s 3 compelling reason why story needs to be a part of every sales conversation and persuasive pitch. (We’ll go deep into this topic on the webinar April 9th – so if you want harness the power of story to grow you business register now).

Stories disarm and charm

There are 2 paths to persuasion – the central route and peripheral route (thank you very much Elaboration Likelihood Model).

The central route relies on logic, argumentation, and rational reasoning. Think statistics, facts, and evidence. They type of reasoning that engages critical thinking.

The peripheral route to persuasion means relies on more emotional cues and benefits. No deep thinking is involved. 4 out of 5 dentists prefer Crest…well dammit then I do too!

Psychologists Melanie Green and Tim Brock agree that the way your brain processes stories is radically different from how it understands facts. Statistics, facts and science engage critical thinking.

Stories disarm and charm the listener into putting down his or her defenses. Stories engage with emotion. In business, you can’t argue with a good story — it’s persuasive.

Engage your clients’ brains

Stories fire up our mirror neurons.

Have you ever gotten lost in a book for hours on end? You felt like you were a part of the story. You were sad when it was over because you missed the characters.

Well-told stories engage our brains and make your clients feel like it’s happening to them. They see themselves in your story. Not only that human are hard wired to relate a story to themselves.

How many times have you told a story only to have a friend say to you “That reminds of a time that I….”?

Adding stories to your marketing arsenal inspires the “Heck, yeah — this business is for me” response!


Let’s face it, there are thousands of accountants, graphic designers, chiropractors, life coaches, massage therapists or .

What makes you stand out from all of these other small businesses?

Your story. It makes you unique.

There’s no one else who runs a business quite like yours. No one else who has your experience. You story connects you with clients. It makes your business not just another business, but an experience like no other.

When you hanress the power of your story, your business grows and thrives.

Want to find out more how to use your story to sell and persuade (even if you feel completely uncomforatbale with sales)? Sign up for my free webinar on April 9th – Story Design :: Harness the Power of Your Story to Grow Your Business (can’t make it? I send out a recording).