sales training learning organizationDid you know 72% of adults read because they want to learn something, but 50% say lack of time keeps them from reading?

Did you know by 2016 US mobile users will increase from 174 million to 265 million?

Did you know developers are building MORE B2B and B2E apps (up from 29.3% in 2010 to 42.7% in 2013)?

Did you know 76% of businesses say mobile devices have increased employee responsiveness and decision-making speed?

What does a statistic on reading, mobility, app development, and employee responsiveness have to do with the other? A lot. The truth is most companies still require sales people to attend sales training events. These training events fire hose people with a lot of great information, sales increase for a limited time, then slump back down to the same level as before. Unfortunately, most of that great information is forgotten within 30 days. To counteract that loss, most training events provide books or binders of information to refer to at a later date. That’s great if that is how people live, learn, and function in today’s world. But let me ask you this: when was the last time you needed to learn a skill or brush up on some how-to you hadn’t done in a long time, or wanted to improve on a skill?

“Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.” Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)

The item you needed to learn, was it an emergency? Did you need to make a repair to something that wasn’t working? Did you research the best book, go to the library or bookstore or Amazon, order the book, wait for the delivery, read it, THEN make the necessary repair? Or did you Google it on a mobile device, get the specific information you needed, and make the repair? If the ice maker on your refrigerator isn’t working, do you really need to read an entire book on the history of refrigerators, width and depth of refrigerator brands, complete product knowledge of the refrigerator, or do you just simply want to know what you need to do to get the ice maker working again? You have a problem, this is the cause, here is the solution, and the benefit is you have ice ready at the push of a button again. Life is good!

Donald Taylor Chairman of Learning & Performance Institute said, “You can’t create a system to manage learning. Learning happens inside people’s heads, and it’s a process that can be supported and stimulated, but not managed.”

Like learning, sales can’t be managed either. And sales training as we’ve known it is dead. Organizations can no longer afford sending sales people to training events, but learning is a necessary part of any sales team’s growth. If 72% of adults read because they want to learn something, but 50% say they don’t have the time, it’s our duty to make it easy for sales people in order for them to stay competitive in the marketplace. Real time on demand learning in relevant bite size pieces 24/7/365 any time anywhere is what they need.

Support learning, not manage it.

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