Starting my own business was a joyous and exciting time in my life and if you are planning to do the same then I am positive it will be the same for you too. I was fully prepared to journey along a rocky road, climb a steep learning curve and work long hours but even with that foresight I still underestimated the challenge that lay ahead.

I mean, I have always worked long hours in extremely results driven backgrounds, but when you step up to the plate on your own without globally recognised brands behind you – it is a completely different ball game.

Below are Six Tips from the lessons I learned from starting my own business. This is not a checklist that includes things like finance, backing and insurance. This is how to prepare yourself for the trials and tribulations that come when you start your own business from home.

What I need when Starting My Own Business

Visualize Your Goals

Hoping to be the next Richard Branson? Give yourself a daily reminder. Get a picture of him flying a rocket to the moon, completing a multibillion pound acquisition, or hosting celebrities on his tropical island. Hang it on your notice board and look at it every day – that is a great motivator. Stick a picture in your notebook of someone whose career you would like to emulate. Or, if you want a new car or house then stick that picture on your computer screen.

Every time something doesn’t go the way you expected – and it will happen – look at that picture and remind yourself exactly why you wanted to start your business in the first place

Break it down!

If your goal is to break even within ten months then how will you go about it doing it? These are simple questions that you need to have the answer to or you will find yourself floating aimlessly. Break each goal down into individual steps and break those steps into daily actions that you must take in order to get there.

There are many reasons people don’t hit their goals. Some say it is the situation, that they are a product of their environment, that it was someone else’s fault. Rubbish!

You are the only one holding yourself back!

Strong words, but true. If you want to hit break even after ten months or buy that big house then break down the path to get there into quantifiable steps.

Know Your Weaknesses

There is nothing wrong with admitting your weaknesses. Everybody has them. Even Superman had kryptonite. What is important in the process of starting your own business is being clear on exactly what that weakness is and working to turn it into a strength.

Turn rejection into opportunity

Even if you have broken down your goals into clearly defined actionable steps you might not reach your goal. Sure, it will be disheartening and you may see yourself as a failure for not getting what you wanted, but rather than dwelling on the negative, turn it into a positive and use it to create opportunities.

When one door closes, find another one to open. The key here is to get up and find the door, don’t sit around waiting for that door to find you as there will always be someone else tirelessly opening every door. Don’t let that someone else open the door to your golden opportunity!

Stay One step ahead

Even if you have had a great month in your business that doesn’t mean that you can put your feet up and relax. Next month is a new month and the scoreboard goes back to zero. Success is an ongoing journey, once you reach one milestone, set new ones to keep pushing forward. Always be thinking about new opportunities for your business and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing so you can readjust your plans to counter them if needed.

Turn Problems into challenges.

When things go belly up, take a deep breath and take an objective look at the situation so you can find a solution. If you can’t seem to come up with a solution, seek out the advice of someone who you respect such as an associate, a mentor or a friend.

Often having someone who is not emotionally attached to the business can help provide clarity on what seems to you to be a disaster of a situation.

Once you have a solution to the problem break it down and treat it like a challenge and you will overcome it one way or another.

Starting my own business online was one of the most rewarding yet challenging chapters of my life. Starting your own business will be a huge life change but it will also be one the greatest things you will ever experience. Go into it with your eyes wide open and a steely determination to succeed, and you will.

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