Areas of San Francisco are known for their lineup of gourmet food trucks. The old style “roach coach” has made way for some of the best ethnic food in town. Many of the food truck owners emigrated from other countries. They found their way to building a small business based upon serving their hometown food.

For some, the journey from the home country meant a need to start over. But by banding together, these entrepreneurs, with little to their name, began a fad and then fashioned a growing business. Many steady clients stand in line for almost their entire lunch break waiting to purchase their lunch due to the excellence in cuisine, price-performance, and convenience of trucks being nearby.

The chefs understood what their intended clientele wanted, met those desires, and delivered value. It is the value and excellence that drove the success of the food trucks.

Having tested the waters, some of the food truck owners then proceeded to establish traditional restaurants too. By recognizing what sold best, on a small scale, they knew precisely what to focus on next for their larger endeavor. On popular evenings and weekends, one such restaurant boasts a two-hour wait outside their door.

You might not have a food truck, but do have a dream of where you would like to be headed. It’s a lonely and difficult road to pursue your vision all by yourself. Just as the truck owners combined forces, consider finding similar minded business owners to come together for a mastermind group. Honestly share where you are stuck, and ask for ideas to overcome the hardships as well as how to proceed to the larger picture in mind. The exchange of information and honest communication benefits everyone involved.

Do keyword searches online for topics on which you need to know more. Self-study and taking classes from those you admire will serve to fast track your business. Ask questions of others as to how they found success. Most people are so surprised by the question, they will tell you in detail. Be sure to take notes!

Develop a buddy system with a trusted peer or two. Promise to exchange pertinent information that comes your way that you each need to learn.

At the same time, get a good grasp on what works best in your business. Should you have a website to sell services or products, research how well it ranks globally as well as in your own country. Get the starting point for tracking and record it. Now implement one new idea at a time. At the end of each month, check the impact of the idea in terms of website ranking. See whether the numbers for popularity or traffic have decreased or increased. Implement the next new idea. At the end of the following month, check for the indicators. Establish this as routine and embellish upon what works best.

By getting a pulse on what your clientele needs, wants, and desires, that will be your clue as to what to develop and deliver. And just like the successful truck drivers, make your goods value-driven, delivered with excellence. You, too, will attract a larger clientele and experience the Smooth Sale!