spring cleaningI did my spring cleaning at home shortly after the New Year because, frankly, I was ready for spring. It’s already March 25th  here in Minnesota and it still feels like spring hasn’t quite sprung!

The positive to that is that there is still time for spring cleaning! Not only is this a traditional best practice in the home, but it should be one in your office or agency as well. As the Synecore Tech project manager, I know trying to get organized is one thing, but actually staying organized is a challenge I help our team face every day. Here are few tips to help maintain your organizational progress and why it is in your best interest to keep it up:

Teamwork. Literally.

First, get your team on board with your initiative. If your colleagues aren’t backing you up on getting organized, you’re setting yourself up for failure and ultimately wasting your time. I recommend coming up with solutions to any organization problems you have and presenting your ideas to the team. At Synecore we use the project management software, TeamworkPM. It’s a simple tool that keeps you connected and in control of your projects from anywhere. I love this site because I can:

  • Properly allocate resources and quickly assign tasks to the team
  • Accurately record how time is spent and pull task and time-based reports
  • Easily track upcoming, due, and late tasks

Explain to your team why a tool like this will be beneficial to your company’s overall process. I will admit it was tough to build out our tasks and deliverables from scratch, but in the end it was definitely worth it!

Start with a clean slate

If you are a human being in an office, you’ve probably kept track of SOMETHING in a spreadsheet, and now you and your co-workers each have a separate version of that spreadsheet saved to your desktops. Quit that now! Create one unified spreadsheet that you can all collaborate on, or assign one person to manage the updates. I know, I know, this seems like a huge time waste at first, but I promise you’ll save time in the end when you all are communicating through one outlet. You can track me down if this doesn’t work for you and your team.

Throw it all away

No, not your work, business, or clients…throw all of your desk clutter away! Things have added up over time: random documents, irrelevant files, desk memorabilia, and old post-it notes. Don’t hoard these; get rid of them!


Starting fresh can greatly improve your ability to focus on the tasks at hand. You’ll also want to tidy up other parts of the office and remove dirt and dust from every surface and crevice you can think of. Overall cleanliness can only increase office motivation and even halt the spread of office illnesses!

I realize this blog post isn’t exactly a fun relation to inbound marketing, but I can’t stress enough that you have to start clean to be pave the way for success. These three tasks may seem minor but in reality these are all relatively time consuming and are the best areas to target your spring cleaning efforts. If you are a project manager, I encourage you to evaluate your behind-the-scenes efforts. It is in your best interest to give your team all the tools and resources they need to get their jobs done. These minor improvements can result in team growth and development, a mapped out marketing strategy, better overall efficiency in delivering services to clients, and giving your team the power to expand the company’s services.