As we all know, referrals and outreach are the tickets to finding top talent — so what should you do if you are not getting traction on a particular search? Modify your recruiting strategy to get different results. Here’s how:

Revamp the job description

Does the description have enough detail on the Company? Position’s responsibilities? Requirements? Is the description too specific so you are screening candidates out (or too general so unqualified resumes are coming in)? Rework the job description to address these possible concerns.

Re-post the job spec to particular groups

Recruiting for a software engineer? Sales Rep? Marketing Executive? Do research to find out forums and groups where these individuals hang virtually and post there.

Change your word track

If you’re outbound sourcing and not getting any traction, don’t continue using the same approach. Change the word track when describing the company/position to further entice candidates. Remember that your initial email/inmail should be specific to each individual, so be sure to do your research before reaching out.

If you are not having luck using a very targeted search string, try sourcing with more general search. It helps to network with those in the industry who are connectors – they may not be a fit for the position or interested in hearing about the opportunity for themselves, but may who know someone who would be.

Get a second opinion

Whether it is the hiring manager, team member or someone in a similar role, have another person take a look. You may find they have a different way of describing the position or insight on where to post the job spec that you haven’t thought of.

Make these simple changes to your recruiting strategy to help to mix up the search and give you different results.

photo by: cogdogblog

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