Every year businesses of every size and in every industry are wasting thousands of dollars by going forward with new web design and development projects. And, it’s not just money that is getting wasted. Countless hours of teams of people are being spent over months to get these projects completed. The number of these projects that will ultimately show, literally, no improvement, is staggering! It’s critically important that businesses identify website problems before wasting money on a new website!

Stop Wasting Marketing Budgets

Why is so much money being wasted on these website design and development projects?

They certainly aren’t intending to waste money. These businesses are really trying to fix a problem. Their problems are poor results with their online business goals.

Depending on the type of business or organization, the goals will be different. They may be more sales for a business with an e-commerce site. It may be more sales leads for a b2b company. Or, it may be more members for an organization.

Regardless of the goal, these web design and development projects are begun with the best intentions of fixing the lack of satisfactory results that the business or organization currently is seeing.

Identify Website Problems

Best of intentions mixed with the absence of analysis will result in wasted resources.

Generally, when faced with poor online performance, businesses will, in the vast majority of cases, make the assumption that the problem is their website.

This may be because their website is the only real tangible online thing that they can see. It may be because they are unaware of all of the components necessary to realize online success. Or, it may be a lack of actionable analytics on what is really happening with their online efforts.

Regardless of the reason for diving into a new web design and development project, the fact is that before making this enormous commitment, it’s critically important that businesses identify the real reason that they aren’t getting the results that they want, from their online efforts.