New Book by Michelle Mazur - Speak Up for Your BusinessHave you ever attended a workshop that you thought would be amazing?

You invested your time. Your money. Your energy.

Then as you get to the juiciest material that you were dying to find out about all weekend–

The bait and switch.

I attended a workshop about how to market workshops (very meta)—the whole idea behind it was how to create value and make an offer. The part I most wanted to know about was how to craft an offer. I’m always fascinated by the way people put offers together. I’m a persuasion junkie!

When it came time to discuss how to craft an offer…Surprise! That’s something actually covered in the presenter’s next program. Then the pitch began, “This is an incredible deal—run to the back of the room and sign up now.” Get all of these free bonuses and blah, blah, blah –Barf.

There was a frenzy in the room. People started getting up and sprinting to sign-up for this $5,000 program that was going to teach them what I thought we were supposed to learn at this workshop.

(Part of me cynically wondered whether the person who ran to the back first was planted in the audience by the workshop leader…you know, for social proof…if other people are doing the back of the room sprint, you should too!)

My emotional frenzy was pissed-off.

I don’t mind a sales pitch, but deliver on what you say you’re going to deliver on—don’t just create another gap in knowledge that I then have to spend more money and time on to get the answer.

You’ve got to earn the pitch.

I’m tired of these signature talks, selling from the stage, webinar formulas and three-day long sales pitches disguised cunningly as “workshops.”

My new book Speak Up for Your Business offers a different approach. Speaking is not about sales, it’s not about your bottom line, and it’s not about getting more clients.

Speaking for your business is about radical transformation of the audience. It’s creating value so good that the audience members are running to implement what you told them immediately, and not just to the back of the room. It’s about making you feel good about selling too.

It’s about creating a Transformational Talk that inspires and motivates action.

It’s about creating so much crazy-good value that the natural by-product is getting clients and making sales.

Ready to create tons of value and change the lives of those who need your message the most?