Hiring top talent for IT is becoming difficult, with higher skill levels in demand. Reports say, almost half of companies find it difficult to source

With digital transformations across industries and domains, the demand for quality technology professionals has increased. The ‘Tech Hiring & Technology Adoption Trends 2019′ report suggests that for 42% of companies, the most prominent challenge comes at the first step of the hiring process – sourcing the top tech candidates.

The report by Mercer Mettl based on a survey of 350 industry leaders across 200 companies globally, also revealed that 20% of organizations believe that the time taken for closing a tech position is the primary reason that causes potential engagements to fall through.

A recently published study by ‘Bersin’ by Deloitte also cites the same reason for engagements falling through is the average recruitment process, which is as much as 52 days.

According to experts, rapid digital transformation has resulted in a steep rise in the demand for quality tech and IT professionals the world over. As everybody is boarding the automation bandwagon, companies find it difficult to recruit as well as retain quality tech talent. This is primarily due to inadequate knowledge of tech-driven best practices

Technology is undoubtedly affecting the way HR professionals and recruiters work. Companies can no more keep the internal culture a secret as there are social websites dedicated to rating companies. The more transparent the companies are about their business, they are likely to attract high potential candidates. The top talent is more likely to send applications to companies that have a positive reputation as well as an active presence.

Good salary and the high quality of work is the reason for a candidate accepting the job for 85% resources. Detailing more about the competition, the report by Mercer Mettl further reveals that 60% of the time when the candidate declines an offer, it is due to a competitor firm that offers a better pay package. Recruiters also report having conducted the rehiring process for the same position as much as 23% of the times in a financial year.

While evaluating the candidate, the top criterion (20%) is the proficiency in the required tech skills, while 18% of organizations tested the candidates with the view of up-skilling them.

According to another survey by Stack Overflow, almost 70% of developers are self-taught, and not even half of them hold a bachelor’s degree. Experts also suggest companies look beyond the educational qualifications of candidates. If enterprises value candidates only on their degree, they risk missing quality tech talent. There are hackathons as well as online academies that make it easy and cheaper for passionate learners to grow their skill set. Many companies, including Google and Microsoft, are retiring college degree requirements and favoring more of hands-on experience.

Experts also suggest keeping the job titles and descriptions straightforward. It is observed that many of the companies are making these creative changes to invoke a sense of excitement for the applicant. It is also true that a number of times, candidates do not connect to the jobs with such titles that they have never heard of.

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