If you own a business, obviously, your clients are at the top of your priority list. How you deal with the social aspects of your business and how you connect that to your clients is the really tricky part and you need to find a way to effectively connect them.

Social media for your business: how long has it been around?

As you are probably well aware, social media has been around for a long time at this point. In the beginning, it didn’t take very long at all for people to figure out that it wasn’t just about what you had for breakfast or the latest fashion trend. It took professional people no time at all to figure out how valuable, powerful, and effective it can be for business as well. The next question that was bound to come up was how do you connect the social media aspect of your business with your clients and how do you do it seamlessly?

One that is absolute is that the relationships that you build through social media on a professional level are all about human beings and their feelings and reactions as humans. Of course, the bottom line for you (and anyone else who is working) is that, at the end of the day, your goal will always be to sell more products and/or services. There is not a person alive who doesn’t understand that and who doesn’t buy into that. However, with that said, it is critical that you don’t lose the human/emotional factor while you are on your quest to hone your social media/social networking skills. They must work together and one can never, ever be sacrificed for the other.

What is social business?

There are many different definitions for social business. It is not uncommon for different people to view and understand the entire social business institution from several different angles. Some of those angles are:

  • Social technology
  • Social behavior
  • Social process
  • Human/emotional perspective

These are all very significant and they are all extraordinarily relevant, depending on the person’s needs and where that person is coming from. One thing that is undoubtedly true is that those different aspects of social business overlap and intertwine on an extremely regular basis. It may not always be obvious but it is very real.

If you look carefully (or even just glance) at the list, it becomes apparent very quickly that there is a common theme running across all four aspects. You can probably figure it out even if it is not stated here but, in the interest of saving time, each one of those aspects has a human/emotional quality. No doubt, you have heard, over and over again, that you can’t sell anything to anyone if you don’t make a human connection with that person first. In fact, you won’t even have a prayer of a chance at connecting with that person and forming a relationship at all without that human connection.


The social aspects of your business are critical to your success and they are one of the essential building blocks of your organization. It is also critical that you understand that the social business will not exist without the people and you won’t have any clients without the social (human/emotional) aspect of your business. They need each other in order to survive. Your success depends on being about to connect people and getting all of those people to recognize the value in each of them and in you. The social connections that people are able to establish that you are able help them establish will bring everyone to the next level and beyond.