Here are some  notes and tips that could be useful when considering the use of music around the customer experience or brand experience.

Perception of Brand

Customers in general show a positive incline to music used within the business environment they find it a more welcoming, relaxing atmosphere and have an overall more positive experience.

Less Stress in The Workplace

Many studies  have shown that music can make a Customer Experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Employees exposed to music perform better; have lower anxiety and blood pressure levels, resulting in less working hours lost.

Brand Loyalty

Music can be used in the workplace to reinforce a positive Customer Experience and can lower the overall cost of the business by keeping a Customer Loyal base so they return again and again.


The environment has a major impact on the way Customer’s perceive your brand. So can greatly help create a perception of great Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience.

Many studies exist to show that show the impact of store environment and atmosphere in relation to perception of Customer Service and Satisfaction.

A Great Selling Point

Research from the larger retail outlets and organisations have shown that upbeat music can enhance sales by increasingly not only impulse buying but planned sales too. Customers have a better experience and so shop for longer and buy more. At The Customer’s Shoes we have a very talented team including Saskia who has her own music promoted on, check it out here.

Retaining Employees

Music can have a massive overall benefit of extending into the workplace. You will find increased Employee satisfaction and greater productivity which will snowball to create further increase of sales and grow both your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty too.

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