idea-1019906_640Logical thinkers who use analytics and hard facts 100% of the time may well dismiss the following insight. However, it is always best to take into consideration the ideas of those who think the exact opposite of you. Why?

Should you be open to one new idea, it may prove to be an idea that presents you with wider perspective and greater possibility. Building career and business is similar to the sales funnel in that by continually adding potential possibility, the right results are far more likely.

Experimentation and refining of possibility lead to improved results more quickly

Not Second-guessing

Be assured, this is not about second guessing yourself. In fact, you know you are on the right track when your last thoughts at night are about your project and you awake thinking about it. Somehow, during the night the subconscious tends to work on that very thought. Upon awakening, almost magically improved ideas are presented for moving forward.

Many people will dismiss the idea that what is in place could use tweaking. However, those who pay attention and refine details, usually fine improved results. The realization could be as simple as the need to change verbiage or position of links on a newsletter, or awakening to realize a specific company or executive is to be immediately contacted.

Personal Change

Running with the new realization that a particular executive is to be contacted for a meeting, change may be detected in the form of higher energy:

  • Adrenaline starts flowing with increased excitement
  • Excitement is heard in your voice or read in a note
  • Agreement to your suggestion is far more likely to be received

This has been proven to work for sales, entrepreneurial development and career advancement. Should you still be doubting the advice, the only way to prove it one way or another is to give positive thought and intuition a serious try. The added benefit is that others are more readily attracted to the positive energy. In the process, your personal brand becomes known more quickly.

Your Story

The next question to consider is, what will a little mindset tweaking do for your effort? Should there be any possibility your outcome could use some improvement, then give the following a try:

  • Become more observant of everything and everyone around you verbally and visually
  • Apply the best of what you see and hear to your effort
  • Prior to drifting off to sleep focus on your goal to see what might happen next

Change isn’t always immediate, it may take time. But with a conscious effort new directions come to light. The good news about this is, rather than continuing the same-old, you are gifted the choice of which direction to choose. Now you are well on to your way to improving results.

Sales Tips:

  1. Be open to new thought
  2. Experiment with new ideas
  3. Specifically learn from people who think differently from you
  4. Adapt what you like best to your authentic style
  5. Test the new ideas
  6. Observe reactions of others as you incorporate the new
  7. Question their reactions to refine further usage
  8. Track results
  9. Incorporate the better ideas into your routine
  10. Enjoy improved results

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, authored three acclaimed books.