Yesterday I talked about how big opportunities can create challenges around staying in flow… there’s something else they do too… opportunities, big and small, can become like shiny objects that distract us from our goals and the tasks we really need to focus on in order to move forward the way we want to.

Some people refer to the problem as ‘shiny object syndrome’. Shiny object syndrome can apply to a lot of things, from wonderful and exciting new ideas you have to things that end up in front of you that you want or even need to learn to opportunities that appear wonderful and interesting.

With all of these, it’s important to really understand where you want your business to go – to be super clear on your goals – because you will need to consistently make decisions to turn away from some of the shiny objects. Saying no can be really hard, but it’s actually one of the muscles you’ll need to build right out of the gate in your business.

What happens when you don’t?

You end up chasing ideas, opportunities and new information all over the place and make exceedingly slow progress forward, if you make progress at all.

So it’s important to notice when you are chasing the shiny things and when it would serve you better to stay focused on the work and goals you’ve laid out for yourself. If you are prone to the chase, it can often help to enlist a friend or coach to help you keep on track, essentially committing that you won’t engage a new idea, program or opportunity without first discussing it with them. That automatically makes you review it more thoroughly before you bring it to them, and a lot of the unnecessary or less important ones will begin to fall away.

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