Smart goals

Everyone needs to have goals if they want to achieve anything, both personally and in business. But how can you make sure that you are setting goals that will work? By setting S.M.A.R.T goals.

S – Specific.

By setting yourself a specific goal, you are much more likely to achieve it as you actually have something to aim for. Try using the six W questions:

  • Who is involved?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Where can I do this?
  • When is the right time to do this and how long will it take?
  • Which elements do I need to do to complete this?
  • Why am I doing it?

A general goal could be to get fit, but a specific goal says ‘I will join the health club, workout twice a week and follow a specific diet’.

M – Measurable

Keep a note of your progress to help you stick to the plan when setting goals. This can help to encourage you to keep at it.

A – Attainable

Make sure that the goals that you are setting are achievable. There’s no point in reaching too far and not managing something as you’ll just feel bad and not try again. Remember most things can be achieved if you break things down into smaller steps.

R – Realistic

You can aim high and still set realistic goals. As long as you are willing and able, you can do it. Set goals high to give yourself the motivation to stretch for it. A low goal can mean that you don’t end up putting the effort in because it’s too easy.

T – Timely

Make sure you are setting goals that have a grounded timeframe. A timeframe sets a sense of urgency which can force you to work on a project.