Setting the Right ToneWhat type of tone do you set with respect to your company?

To me, this is the most important message you can give to your clients.

I am finding that companies that put a high value on “willingness to learn and help” are the most successful companies in their industry. Everyday, service companies deal with a wide variety of clients. Each day is a different day. The goal of each person in your industry is to grow in knowledge of your own position as well as the clients you serve.

If you approach everyday with this simple motto, “willingness to learn and help” you will discover that ultimately, you will be a person that people want to work with and do business work.

A willingness to learn can be in several forms:

  • Learning from mistakes
  • Knowledge gained through coursework
  • Better understanding of the company and its history
  • Better knowledge of client needs
  • Understanding the trends in your industries
  • Studying your competition

Help can also come in many different varieties:

  • Sharing knowledge with others
  • Asking for more work to do
  • Assisting in other departments
  • Being someone who will listen to client needs
  • Listening to your other co-workers and executives
  • Sharing issues along with potential suggestions
  • Showing a caring attitude toward work and others

As job markets tighten, companies are looking to hire the best people with knowledge and skills listed above. You might think about ways you could addres these topics in your resume or interview.

As a company representative, you should always work toward being a better representative of in front of your co-workers and clients. See which areas you need to work on as a represenative and remember these items when your review comes p.

Finally, if a company really shows these type of attributes with its clients, it will create a culture where others will also want to be a part of that company. Successful companies exhibit these attributes. Enough said!

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