A new year means a new start. Sure, there is not much of a difference between December 31 and January 1, no more so than November 30 and December 1. But we celebrate the changing of the calendar. Why not aim to be more successful and accomplished in the new year? I know I certainly aim. As a young professional, I know that I must go into 2014 with a refreshed outlook.

Never stop hustling

This is something I fundamentally believe in and always have. Work hard. Bust your butt every single day. Sure, you might be happily employed and achieving your dreams right now. But you can always aim higher. You can always do more. Expand your circle. Go out on a limb. Take a risk. Aim to be more awake and less distracted every single day. I bust my butt at work everyday while continuing to focus on my professional development. I attend webinars, I write blog posts, I curate content and I never stop reading. Why? Because I am dreaming bigger than where I am now. I know I will not amount to anything more if I don’t stop working.

Narrow your focus

Know your strengths and focus on them. Aim to be the expert in a few things rather than average in many. That being said, do not be afraid to take risks. Try something new. Fall on your face. Pick yourself up, learn from that and aim to achieve more. At the end of the day people should know what you are good at and come to you because you are the best at whatever that might be. It’s ok if you don’t know everything. That is why you are part of a larger team and organization because everyone brings different skills to the table.

“Every day set the simple goal of trying to be more awake and less distracted.” – Russell Simmons

Aim to achieve something every single day

At the end of each day, you should know what you have accomplished and should feel good about it. You cannot do everything. It is important to create a to-do list and prioritize it. What is pressing and what is driving that? As great as it would be to accomplish everything that has to get done that is sadly not possible. Instead, prioritize and focus on the quality of your work rather than the quantity.

Differentiate yourself

What do you have to offer? What are you the best at? Why are you better than someone else? These are all questions to think about. If you cannot focus on what you have to offer then why would someone else be interested in you? Know your value proposition and own it.

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