Only one thing is on everyone’s minds: the authenticity of Selena Gomez’ boobs!

Did Selena Gomez get Breast Implants?

The former Disney star got the entire Internet buzzing when she was pictured wearing a thin, low-cut tank top in NYC. Though her chest certainly looked great, people were doubtful of their ‘nature.’

“This is a rumor that comes up all the time,” a source dishes to E! News. “She did not have any work done.”

Selena Gomez covered up

Bluff or not, we may not really know.

Selena was seen leaving lunch at The Bedford restaurant recently, now all covered up. She wore a big camouflage jacket over (yet again) another black crop top, tight black jeans, and an oversized gold.

We’d still ‘come and get it.’

Selena Gomez cleavage
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