The worst direction is not to be moving at all but instead, standing still. Avoiding action while providing excuses brings about one’s worst nightmare. Standing still provides the feeling of being in quicksand because everything around us changes so quickly. One feels as if they are drowning in a sea of uncertainty.

The person seeking best practices and new thought is the one who moves forward.

For example, in today’s business world many have no interest in figuring out how to socially interact and sell. The idea is nonsense, or at least, that’s the excuse. Another example is that of new software, and associated apps add a burden of educating oneself to embrace it all. Those who don’t take the time to self-educate will find themselves in the quicksand disappearance act.

Another drowning example may arrive in the form of the moment of truth. Those who refuse to admit anything might be wrong with the delivery of services will have clients making the determination of finding another supplier.

Problem Solve

The proper approach for addressing something that did not complete as promised is to say, “I’m sorry” or “I’ll fix it right now.” Telling people, you are busier than ever compounds the difficult situation.

One flaw, when it comes to resolving issues, is for some to cover up their error with technical verbiage. Compounding the error, they try to impress the client with all they know. The customer isn’t interested in one’s knowledge; they are most concerned with attention to fixing the problem.

The more successful strategy is to speak with everyone as an equal. Each person has something unique to share. As the conversation develops with a collaborative mindset, it becomes far more productive. Problems are resolved far more quickly this way, and new insights provide ideas for additional services.

When mishaps occur, use these steps to retain a happy clientele: Notify ahead of time that there will be a delay, and apologize. Provide truthful reasons why the postponement will take place. Ask for an extended timeline with a commitment that you will be punctual.

The next time a test arises for fixing a problem, observe your performance and how well it is received. Use this as ground zero for moving forward more quickly.

Those who do find success are the people who do not allow the experience of moving backward to become showstoppers. It is true that moving back arises from errors. With the right mindset, the mistakes allow one to recognize where improvement is needed. Downtime allows one to focus on new plans and implement the better elements for moving forward. One excellent result is that of building a reputable personal brand in the process.

Sales Tips

  1. Listen to all commentary.
  2. Be willing to learn from all feedback.
  3. Make improvement where needed.
  4. Be open to new ideas.
  5. Treat everyone as equals.
  6. Explain your industry specific verbiage for clear understanding.
  7. Ask others to clarify the meaning of their jargon.
  8. View each conversation as a collaborative effort.
  9. Should someone speak down to you, seek an improved match.
  10. Celebrate Success!