product-launchCreating a winning product launch is as simple as the five steps below. Of course, each step encompasses many smaller steps to ensure a successful launch of your product. But, they can be easily broken up into doable small steps that ensure success. A Chinese philosopher once said that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The same can be said regarding your product launch.

  1. Set a Launch Date — It’s essential that you set a date for your product launch. You can do this before you’ve even finished creating your product, just set the date far enough into the future that you can finish up the product and all the steps that go with it. Using a calendar, work your way back to today with the tasks that need to be done to launch your product on time.
  2. Create Your Launch Calendar — Starting with the launch date and working your way backwards, create dates for all the tasks that must be done such as content creation, proofing, editing, testing, design, distribution, payments, affiliate tools and so forth. Be sure to include every last to-do into your calendar so that you won’t miss anything.
  3. Market via All Avenues — Using your launch calendar, include all the ways you’ll market your product via your blog, article marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, pay per click, YouTube videos, online communities, forums, and even when and how you’ll create awesome sales pages to go with everything you’re doing. You’ll need all these items inside the calendar so that you know exactly what to do each date up to and including “launch date” so that you won’t forget anything.
  4. Choose Distribution Wisely — You have many choices of shopping carts, from e-junkie to Clickbank to 1shoppingcart, to setting up your own system. It depends on what type of product you’re promoting as well as your budget. Ensure that the system that you choose can grow with you and is easy to change and update. You also have to be realistic about your budget and your technological capabilities when choosing your distribution technology. Pick something that you can easily use, or hire someone who can do it for you.17
  5. Done is Better than Perfect — The fact is, you’re going to make mistakes. After the launch you’re going to find typos, and other issues with your product. It’s a fact of life that no one is perfect. Luckily, with an online digital product you can easily fix the mistakes. Just go right ahead and fix them, and don’t worry about them. You can even choose to market a fix as a relaunch, and provide previous buyers with the fixed product for free.

A huge key to making sales is accepting feedback and making changes when needed. Your product is likely never really done in the online digital world. You can make changes continuously and if you wait for perfection you’ll never make any sales. Therefore, launch when you think it’s done, and be willing to make corrections later if needed.