T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the web were last-minute shoppers – their hearts filled with dread.

Last-minute shopping makes everyone stressed. Even if the gifts have been purchased and wrapped for weeks, as the window for holiday shopping begins to close the task list of consumer “To Do” items only grows. From oil changes and tune-ups, to last minute holiday haircuts and manicures, the list of goods and services that consumers need the last days of the year provides a big opportunity for small business owners to promote their offerings.

Here are 3 ways to save those last minute shoppers from stress by leveraging your business.

Razor Focus Your Messaging
People make purchasing decisions based on emotion – and the more your business can empathize with emotion, the better it will do. During these last few days of the holiday rush, tailor your marketing messaging so that it directly speaks to the last minute shopper. From your email subject lines to your social media updates, your marketing should create a dialogue with the stressed consumer that makes them feel at ease. Try phrases like: “Hey last minute holiday shoppers – We’ve got you covered,” or “Let us take care of the rest!” Empathizing with the frenzy of last-minute shopping stress is a sure-fire way to make a last-minute sale.

Offer Holiday Deals
All last-minute shoppers need is a little incentive to make the sale – and what’s a better incentive than a good deal? If you have any surplus in your budget at the end of the year, the best place to invest it is in online offers, giveaways, and specials. And as we’ve previously reported, your customers love them! While most of your competitors are winding down and preparing for the holidays, you have the opportunity to score boatloads of last-minute sales – and give great customer service to appreciative shoppers.

Invest in PPC Ads
PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is an Internet marketing technique that puts your ads on popular websites like Google and Facebook in exchange for a payment every time your ad is clicked. If nobody clicks your ad, you don’t spend anything. This is an extremely powerful marketing strategy that you should be using year round – however, consider amping up your budget for the last week before Christmas.

Have any other good ideas? Sound off in the comments below!